‘Have a Nice Day’

A5 sketchbook
©adam cope

‘Have a Nice Day’

This fellow and his dog in the market place, playing the accordian. The sign said “Bonne Journée Avec le Sourire” ( ‘have a nice day – with a smile’). He looked worried. I think the dog was used to his music.
‘Life Insurance’

Some pages from my A5 sketchpads. Drawn from life, when the music stops, the drawing stops. Click on the images & the let the music begin.

Forever Smiling Buddha

‘Buddha Statue at Plum Village, Upper Hamlet.’
graphite & ink
A5 sketchbook

(…) dharma art refers to art that springs from a certain state of mind on the part of the artist that could be called the meditative state. It is an attitude of directness and unselfconsciousness in one’s creative work. -Tibetan meditation master, the XIth Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Freezing cold weather so not quiet a meditative state, more of a frozen state.
 Another smile from across the sands of time.

(New Kingdom Statue in the British Museum,
circa 1400BC).
32 x 25cm.
© Adam Cope 2001

Exerpt from my unfinished project ‘Carnet de Voyage en Egypte’, © Adam Cope, 2001 – ongong :

“But now, after my recent travels in Egypt, these fragments in the museum seemed displaced and uprooted, somehow diminished and made smaller.

…the sands of time….

One element however manages to cross the sands of time and remain intact, despite the ravages of plunder & the displacement of uprooted museum collections. It is the Egyptian smile in the face of eternity.
The expression on the face of this sculpture is the work of a great artist, full of mystery and interior life, fuller than those pert, self-assured later Ramassidian smiles. The restorers have done a wonderful job in piecing together these fragments, which are said to have been found in the mortuary temple of Amenophis III (circa 1400BC).
She is MUT, Goddess, adored of Thebes, Feminine Divine, consort of Amun-Ra, mother of Khons the Moon-child, World Mother, Anima Mundi.
In some ways the act of drawing is akin to the act of worship. To draw is to love, and in loving we carry our breathe of life and enter, fuse with the adored. They say that the Gods need us so as not to be forgotten, and it is with semen of worship that the grain of the Divine is brought to life. Almost as if the sculpted stone itself, the inert granite becomes flesh. Picasso said ” un tableau ne vit que par celui qui le regard”( “a painting only lives in the eye of the beholder”). The museum shut its doors but I could not leave… Casting one last look back, it seemed to me that the Goddess Mut was shimmering, forever smiling.”

3 Birthday – Domine Quo Vadis?

Today is the third birthday of this blog.Thank you everybody for commenting & the in-depth feedback.

I note that 25th January is the festival day of the conversion of Paul.

To celebrate, here’s a page from my ‘Carnet de Voyage en Rome’ 2002.

‘Domino Quo Vadis’ where are you going.. me at the church in Rome… yes, if ound it moving to be where an individual overcame his fear of a cruel & merciless empire …

photo: enrico virdis

travels – carnet de voyage en Egypte

Off to England. Back soon, within the week. Here’s some images from another walk-about. Guess where?


‘Carnet de Voyage en Egypte’

Some pages from the travel sketch book of Adam Cope in Egypt in pencil & watercolour, Akenaton & Sekhmet & Komombos © adam cope


I want to finish my ‘Carnet de Voyage en Egypte’ book-website. But I’ve not managed to finish it off & put it online. Like my How to Paint book, still hanging around ten years later in a state of incompletion. Still working on that too! I need a project manager….


sketch book : drawing of a town road

A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.



drawing of a town road in Bergerac

Winter sun. I sat on the terrace of a bar & did this drawing. More of a doodle really. Enjoyed the urban setting for a change from the countryside. Quite like the arrangement of shapes in the detail.
Learning to be selective about what one chooses to actually develop into a painting, & exactly what pictorial theme (here the shapes) that interests you … will save you from that feeling of ‘oh I wish I did it that way’ upon finishing the painting, and then it’s too late to change everything. Doodling with no particular aim in mind can sometimes naturally lead you to finding out your interests. Here I wouldn’t want to develop the obivious view down the road but rather the shapes in the shop fronts. I didn’t know that when I started out.

Sketches of a Wedding

A5 sketchbook
pencil’Sur la Vif’ or ‘On the Hoof’

Sketches of a Wedding

ink brush pen

A lovely wedding in the vines. Lots of cameras, so here’s one of yours truly. Note the champagne.

Paris – La Folie! Travel Sketchbook

Paris – La Folie Adam Cope
Double spread A5 Sketchbook
mixed media

“We should talk less and draw more. I personally should like to renounce speech altogether and, like organic Nature, communicate everything I have to say in sketches.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Drawings of a Guitar Player

Inigo 1
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

Inigo 2
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.
Inigo 3
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

 Living a Creative Life – The Importance of Significant Others

Yesterday I spent the day with my old friend Inigo ROSE. One of the things I cherish about being an artist is the important friendships that sometimes happen between fellow artists (great rivalries, frail, over-sized egos & petty jealousies as well, it is true). Here in France, someone who has the métier is known as a ‘Conseour’ or ‘Confrére’. Progressing along a common path , albeit with differences & with different discoveries, different aims & different priorities. Good company stimulates creativity.

What we can can also learn is that it is up to us to reach towards multiple definitions of creativity and, in doing so, to rethink worn-out concepts of autonomy, compromise & success. It is not our intention to underestimate, or oversimplify, the exquisite complications of leading creative lives and living affective lives; nor do do we in any way mean to belittle the agonising lonliness of artistic & literary production. All of us involved in this book know the wrenching pain of sitting alone in front of a blank page or a blank canvas. But we also know that the story doesn’t end – or for that matter doesn’t begin – there.

– Whitney Chadwick and Isabelle de Courtivron, Introduction, ‘Significant Others – Creativity & Intimate partnership’ Thames & Hudson, 1996.

Inigo Rose
Lime Fresco Lime Fresco mounted on board
about 1994
about one meter

I meet him in Bath, UK about sixteen year ago. In 1995, he invited me down to his house in SW France for a season. We painted lots & lots. We also learnt so much of each other. Seeing him paint frescoes convinced me of:

  • The importance of learning from an artist with more painting experience than oneself.
  • Watching an artist paint (ie demonstrations).
  • Dialoguing with other artists (whom you esteem) about your aims, hopes, beliefs & more concretely, about your upcoming painting projects.
  • Having the courage to expose oneself to other artist’s opinions & feedback about your own paintings.
  • Creative thought & vision. Art isn’t just about technique. It’s also about self-expression & can have a playful aspect.

Here’s a picture of him in his atelier. Observe the sand, the spade & the cement mixer!

And here’s his official press-photo, slaking lime putty in California. Again note the spade… and I thought I had a thing about brushes??? 😉

Inigo ROSE, fresco artist

Inigo Rose paints frescoes. Proper frescoes in lime, the same technique as used in the Quattrocento in Italy & South West France. Inigo learnt the techniques in Italy from whom he says is the greatest living master. Note that the are NOT acrylic nor emulsion.

Inigo Rose
Fresco Sketches on the studio wall Inigo Rose
approx 1,5 x 1,5 metres
He’s also plays the guitar & is a well-known yoga teacher. Philosopher, he’s just come back from the Amazon jungle, where he studied the shamans. Free-spirit, he’s an ‘international person’, having lived in many countries (England, west coast of USA, Italy). Convivial personality, he believes in creativity in all spheres of life, including friendship & just having fun.

‘Taurus – Wheel of Life’
Inigo Rose
Lime Frescoe on wall in SW England
about four metres


Issigeac People

A5 sketchbook
A5 sketchbook

these may (or may not) amuse any local readers out there… recognise before & after the local elections?

A5 sketchbook

elly 14 – 5 -08

elly 14 – 5 – 08 a
A5 sketchbook – graphite pencil
© The Artist. 

elly 14 – 5 – 08 b
A5 sketchbook – graphite pencil
© The Artist.