3 Birthday – Domine Quo Vadis?

Today is the third birthday of this blog.Thank you everybody for commenting & the in-depth feedback.

I note that 25th January is the festival day of the conversion of Paul.

To celebrate, here’s a page from my ‘Carnet de Voyage en Rome’ 2002.

‘Domino Quo Vadis’ where are you going.. me at the church in Rome… yes, if ound it moving to be where an individual overcame his fear of a cruel & merciless empire …

photo: enrico virdis

6 Comments on “3 Birthday – Domine Quo Vadis?

  1.  by  My Camera World

    Happy Birthday with your blog and more importantly that you are still painting.

    3 yrs in this medium now makes you an old timer.

    I always love to drop by and see your work.

    Niels Henriksen

  2.  by  loriann

    Happy third birthday Adam….. and many more!
    I enjoy checking your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing!

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes.

    Your friendship & readership is important for me 🙂 It keeps the ‘Robin Crusoe feeling’ of (isolated, unresponsive) blogging.

    I suppose one should neither demand nor expect too much of this medium.

    But I do review it, just as I do all my activities. If one post takes about one hour, then 400 hours spent blogging these last three years. Half of that one hour is photographing & cataloguing the artwork, so that I would do anyway. The other half hour is, well, spent reflecting & collating, writing down my thoughts.

    But why do this in public?

    Actually, I’ve gone back to journaling in sketch books & intimate journal. Written with a pen & kept private, personal & intimate, as I really do not feel at ease with publishing on the internet to a wide & unknown public, most of whom don’t comment eitherway. But then again, most of the time I visit another blog, I don’t comment either. ‘Tis the nature of the beast.

    This year, I intend to get my ‘how to paint’ book out in articles in the art press magazines . At last!! After 15 years of note taking & reserach, phew!

  4.  by  Adam Cope

    Hey Casey what happened to your pink ‘fave’ nose in your profile pic?

    Thanks Niels, I’ll get painting again soon. Been busy elsewhere.