Terms & Conditions for Adam Cope Painting Courses

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Planning and booking your painting course is all part of the experience, so we want to make it is as easy as possible. We have been running painting holidays for 24 years & are confident that you will have a great painting workshop with a trustworthy supplier. We want it to be an enjoyable experience – from beginning to end, from ‘bonjour’ to ‘see you again soon’ 🙂


However, sometimes even the best laid plans can change. Ongoing changes and updates due to Covid may mean that your plans may change. So, to reassure our students, we have adjusted our cancellation policies to cover Covid related changes. These are to your advantage (reschedule or full refund less any unrecoverable bank charges within 18 months). This means you can book with confidence. There’s always a solution.

Terms & Conditions for Adam Cope Painting Courses

1.IF WE CANCEL YOUR BOOKING. A course needs a minimum number of four students. In the unlikely case of this is not being attained, within 60 days before course start date, then we will either offer you alternate dates or if this is not accepted, promptly refund you with no further liability on our behalf (‘Adam Cope’). Under no circumstances shall our liability exceed the amount paid to ‘Adam Cope’ for the course fees.
Notification of cancellation must be given in writing.
Concerning the course fee, which is payable 90 days before start date: We will try to fill your place with another painter. If we succeed (which isn’t certain), we will either reimburse you or propose an alternative course date in the next 13 months. You can transfer your booking to another person. Reimbursements do not apply less than one month before course start date.
Your personal holiday insurance should cover you for cancellation.
If you are staying at one of the venues ‘ADAM COPE’ teaches at, you will need to visit their own site to check prices and their individual terms and conditions. When you make your booking with one of these venues your contract is with them and not with ‘ADAM COPE’ which is solely responsible for the tuition part of your holiday. You pay direct to each business separately. Each business is responsible directly to you for their services:

  • ADAM COPE (siret 419 626 627 00030). Responsible for teaching & painting furniture.
  • ACCOMMODATION & CUISINE PROVIDER : The details of these providers change with each different venue, which are detailed in the specific Terms & Conditions of  your chosen venue. These are found at the bottom of the booking form for that venue.

4. FORCE MAJEURE. In the case of Force Majeure, as declared by the French Government & its Laws, when your course is cancelled as a result of risk or threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions and similar events beyond our control : we shall offer you a rescheduled date within 18 months. If this rescheduled date is not suitable to you, then you can claim directly against your travel insurance.
Please note that we will not refund your flights, cancellation fees, or any related costs due to any cancellations.
RESCHEDULED DUE TO COVID : If your courses are rescheduled due to COVID, in the period of Force Majeure declared the French Government, then we offer you rescheduled dates within 18 months or full refund less any unrecoverable bank charges at the end of this 18 months.
REFUNDABLE FLIGHTS : Important Information: We strongly advise that you purchase refundable or reprogrammable flights.
5. CHANGE OF TUTOR. We reserve the right to change the Tutor (Adam Cope) due to sudden health issues or other incapacitating issues, for another Tutor. If this is not suitable to you, then we will offer you alternative dates with 18 months.
6. INSURANCE. All painters & partners must have travel insurance covering medical insurance & evacuation, cancellation, Force Majeure, accidents, personal liability, holiday lettings insurance, personal belongings. Travel insurance with ‘consequential losses’ is the most comprehensive.
7. MISADVENTURE. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that you may suffer during the period of your course due to accident, illness, bodily injury, or loss or theft of equipment or belongings. We believe in comfort & safety. It is your responsibility to be adequately fit to paint for a few hours outside. The course requires a minimum level of mobility i.e. that you can carry your art materials across a lawn & climb a flight of stairs, bearing in mind that some terrain may not be level. If you do suffer any bodily misadventure, you will be promptly referred by taxi or ambulance to a medical specialist at either a pharmacy, doctor or hospital (english-speaking medical specialists are fairly wide-spread).
8. DATA PROTECTION. All data you provide is strictly confidential & will never be given to a third party. Your privacy will be respected. No spam. You might receive the occasional email newsletter from us. You have the right to be forgotten in accordance in European Law, GDPR May 2018.
10.DISPUTES. We have never had a dispute in 24 years. In the unlikely event of a complaint, you agree to communicate with the course leader during the course, so as to find a friendly solution. If a friendly solution on the spot is not found, then you agree to write a letter within seven days to arrange this affair in a friendly & reasonable manner. Failure to allow us to rectify the complaint may result in you losing any legal rights in respect of the particular matter.
11. GOVERNING LAW : ADAM COPE : siret 419 626 627 00022, RC pro MMA3204693, is based in France & operates under French Law. All disputes must be settled in France, under French Law.

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