About Adam Cope

Painter and Teacher

Adam Cope Artist Painter Teacher
“I was born in the south of England. The clear water streams of Hampshire still sparkle & flow in my mind’s eye. I became ‘a painter’ early on in my life, during in my teens. This was a natural progression, after having seen a couple of paintings that stopped me in my tracks.
“The path of an artist has given form & colour to my life. I love the paints, the colours, the slow making of a painting. I enjoy simply looking at things. I’m more & more amazed by eyesight. The visual …arts.
“Then I started to teach about twenty five years ago. It was a real revelation to me that learning could be just as creative as painting. My painting style has changed over the decades. It hasn’t stood still. So I’ve done some learning along the way.
“I particularly enjoy running residential painting courses. They attract an interesting spectrum of people, who often gel well together since there’s this shared passion for painting. The energy that a group of painters can generate is remarkable. I’m lucky because I learn so much by sharing with other painters, be they absolute beginners or Leonardo da Vinci.
“South-West France was the place of summer holidays for me as a child. I was happy here. Sunny fields of wild flowers, full of warmth & scents. Butterflies & high blonde grass. Southern light & colours. Nature is important to me. I feel good when I paint in quiet Nature.
Then later, came long painting retreats in the Lot. Brush in hand, back in those sunny fields, with time on my hands. One solitary winter, I was the guardian of a remote holiday village. I was artist-in-residence in a medieval abbey. Another time, artist-in-residence in a botanical park besides the river Dordogne. It’s good to work in different contexts.
Then in 1998, I married a lady from Bergerac, had children & settled here permanently. Been here ever since. Still trying to make a good painting. Still enjoying the ride.”
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Adam Cope – C.V.

Teaching Experience
• About 30 years teaching experience.
• 1997 – ongoing. Residential art courses in South West France.
• Occasional painting holidays for Holiday Property Bonds, UK.
• 1998 – ongoing. Regular atelier style tuition in the Dordogne.
• 2014 – ‘Dessine moi!’ Un Artiste dans l’Ecole Primaire, Castillonnès.
• 2003 – Assistant tutor at ‘Art Holidays at Perrot’.
• 1992 – 1995. Adult Education in a variety of settings such as the Bristol Printmakers Workshop & the Arnolfini MOMA, UK.
• 1990 – 1995. Art & Film Groupworker (part-time) with Adults with Learning Difficulties, Bristol, UK.

• 1991 – Further Education & Adults Teacher Certicate (Avon County Council).
• 1991 – Foundation Diploma Art Therapy (Bath City College).
• 1991 – South West Arts, Training for Arts Educationalists. Arnolfini MOMA. Bristol.
• 1981-1986. BA hons Fine Art (Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, studied under Norman Adams R.A.).

Prizes & Residencies

  • 2022 – Betty TV (UK)
  • Premier Prix des Artistes Professionels, ‘Les Couleurs d’Aquitaine,’ St Avit 24.
  • 2021 – ‘World’s Most Scenic River Journeys’ appearance painting the Dordogne. TV (UK).
  • 2018, 2015, 2012 & 1996 – Artist in Residence, Pierre Presse (editions of stone lithography).
  • 2005 – Artist in Residence, Parc Panoramique de Chateau de Limeuil, ‘Fils de Temps’ Association.
  • 2004  – L’Invité d’Honneur,’Les Printemps des Bastides,’ Monpazier.
  • 2004 – L’Invité d’Honneur, La Ville de Silly, Belgium. In collaboration with Bergerac Wine Apellation (CIVRB)
  • 2003 – L’Invité d’Honneur, Salon Europeen d’Arts Plastiques, Chartrons, Bordeaux.
  • 1993 – Prix de Cardilliac (dessin).
  • 1993 – Picture This (disability arts), South West Arts Council.

Selected Exhibitions
• 2016 Galerie L’Oeil de la Gazelle, Sarlat.
• 2015 -2012 Galerie de la Presbytère, St.Avit Sénieur.
• 2014  Galerie Ap’Art, Marcilhac sur Célé, Lot.
• 2012,2011, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2002,  La Maison de Vins de Begerac.
• 2011   Galerie André Malraux, Sarlat.
• 2011, 2009, 2006   La Maison de la Böetie, Sarlat.
• 2010   The Little Gallery, St Emillion.
• 2002 – Gallerie Auriel, Toulouse.
• 2002 – 1998  Château de Monbazillac, Dordogne.
• 1998 – Musée Municipal d’ Ussel, Correze.
• 2002 -1996  Gallery Artist, The Richmond Hill Gallery, London.