Vietnamese Meditation Bell


Einstein Walking Meditation

wanderer, there is no path,
you lay down a path in walking. 

Antonio Machado (translated by Franciso Valera)

Nobel Laureates in Physics Albert Einstein (left) and Niels Bohr (right) walking.
Photo taken at the 1930 Solvay Conference in Brussels.
Source: Danish Film Institute
Photo: Paul Ehrenfest

“Let a railway wagon be moving along a track at a constant speed . Let a man walk along the wagon at a speed  in the direction of the wagon’s motion. By which speed  relatively to the railway embankment is the man moving during his walk? It seems that is only one possible answer results from this way of thinking:
If the man stopped after one second, he would, relative to the embankment, have moved forward for a certain distance  which is equal to the speed of the wagon. Actually, relative to the wagon, that is, in relation to the embankment, he would also have traveled forward by a pace the distance , which corresponds to the speed of his walk. Thus, relative to the embankment, in the given second the man travels in all the distance


Later on, we will see that this way of thinking which is in accordance with classical mechanics, expresses the addition theorem, cannot be retained, and that this law, we had just now written, does not represent the truth”


Einstein, Theory of Relativity , 19. ADDITION OF SPEEDS, 19.1 Addition of speeds in a vacuum

quoted at

“I sometimes ask myself how it came about that I was the one to develop the theory of relativity. The reason, I think, is that a normal adult never stops to think about problems of space and time. These are things which he has thought about as a child. But my intellectual development was retarded,as a result of which I began to wonder about space and time only when I had already grown up.” – Einstein



only tracks in the ocean foam

Wanderer, path there is none,
only tracks in the ocean foam.

Antonio Machado (translated by Franciso Valera)


Wanderer, the road is your footsteps

Wanderer, the road is your
footsteps, nothing else;
wanderer, there is no path,
you lay down a path in walking.

In walking, you lay down a path
and when turning around
you see the road you’ll
never step on again.
Wanderer, path there is none,
only tracks in the ocean foam.

Antonio Machado (translated by Franciso Valera)

Photo-Bloggeurs de Sarlat

Here some photos of me drawing on the gallery door by the Sarlat photo-blogger Libiza.

And here are some photos of me taken by another Sarlat photo-blogger, my long-standing blogging buddy Boguy. As you can see sometimes I drew on the street & other-times I hid myself behind a window .

It was a real pleasure to meet them both in the flesh at the expo. ‘Proximity’ blogging is great for putting people with similar interests together. Both their photo-blogs are a great place to start ‘visiting’ the Dordogne & enjoying quality photography. Soon,I will create a link list on this blog of SW France bloggers whose blogs I enjoy.

Libiza – En Passant Par Chez-Moi
Boguy – Images en Périgord

Here’s a photo by Boguy of the Cathedral Square (Place de Peyrou) to give you an idea of what I was drawing….Some twenty or thirty drawings to published here over the next few days.

Back to Blogging

Been off-blog this last month teaching painting workshops & then exhibiting in Sarlat. Large back-lot of images & thoughts to blog (though already this has fled into the past & has lost the urgency of the here & now). More to follow in the next few days.

Completely exhausted but happy. Took a few days off with my son, soaking up the sunshine & playing together in the river Dordogne, enjoying it all.

life’s a beach!


one of  my best snaps. this year…



alll eyes on the girl



the beaches can get pretty busy in august , not totally disagreble tho’ to see people enjoying themselves


Painting Holidays at Chateau de Beduer

‘The Painting Tutor’s Lunch Break’
Chris Sharland

Chris loves what he calls ‘informal painting’, which includes lampooning the teacher 😉

I’m back from a two week teaching stint of one my Chateau Painting Holidays, France.

BUT … I’m straight out again for a major solo exhibition in Sarlat! Busy times… I write in haste…. read more about the show in tomorrow’s post.

Everything went every well on the painting holidays. The students were great 🙂 They brought loads of enthusasism & real curiousity/desire to learn & to paint, lots of laughter & appreciation of the many great painting opportunities at Chateau de Beduer. The food was delicious, the wine select, the company fun; The weather was clement & not too hot.

The ‘teaching’ was ‘educative’ for me… you know, re-presenting a subject is akin to re-learning it. I’m still amazed by painting & drawing, have the feeling that I’ve only just scraped the surface of a very deep well. A good learning enviroment should include the teacher, I believe. My ‘how to paint’ book is very much eveloving out of my teaching practise as much as my painting practise.

All really magical & beautiful.

Here’s some landscape photos to enjoy 🙂

Sunlight on a Sloe Bush on the Causse in Spring Time

Not much changing in PS in this B&W reference photo. Thought I’d share it with you as most of you won’t know the Causses of SW France in springtime. Delocalising effect of internet.

The sunlight is now bright but not as bright as in winter. I remember around christmas eve this year, it shone. Really shone. We’d been holed up for weeks inside, under winter greys & artificial light. Then it shone . I went outside & painted a south west rock face, bouncing back just so much light.So much light. After weeks of deprivation, my eyes soaked up so many photons, I’ll never forget that day of painting, So bright.

‘Walnuts & Brambles 3’
medium size oil on canvas
8 F
© adam cope

paleolithic cave art web page update

Three Page update to website:Prehistoric Cave Art – A Personal Response of a Contemporary Artist

It’s siphoned off several entries in this blog. I gue”ss this blog is a kind of sketchbook for working out rough drafts & quickly getting ideas & text down in the work-a-day rhythm. I adapt well to the ‘chunking’ of the work-load, being somewhat disorganised & overloaded with half finished projects. Speaking of half finished projects, there’s still my Carnet de Voyage en Egypte still in tatters. It really needs a decent nav-bar, as does the whole of More time not painting…

Outside bright spring. Here’s mimosa from my garden, which has been in flower for well over a week now. It always flowers a good two weeks in advance in places besides the milder Atlantic Ocean like Arcachon some hour & half drive away.


Cliffs in the Vezérè Valley – some photos


see a collection of artist ‘s  photos of the dordogne