paleolithic cave art web page update

Three Page update to website:Prehistoric Cave Art – A Personal Response of a Contemporary Artist

It’s siphoned off several entries in this blog. I gue”ss this blog is a kind of sketchbook for working out rough drafts & quickly getting ideas & text down in the work-a-day rhythm. I adapt well to the ‘chunking’ of the work-load, being somewhat disorganised & overloaded with half finished projects. Speaking of half finished projects, there’s still my Carnet de Voyage en Egypte still in tatters. It really needs a decent nav-bar, as does the whole of More time not painting…

Outside bright spring. Here’s mimosa from my garden, which has been in flower for well over a week now. It always flowers a good two weeks in advance in places besides the milder Atlantic Ocean like Arcachon some hour & half drive away.