Painting Holidays at Chateau de Beduer

‘The Painting Tutor’s Lunch Break’
Chris Sharland

Chris loves what he calls ‘informal painting’, which includes lampooning the teacher 😉

I’m back from a two week teaching stint of one my Chateau Painting Holidays, France.

BUT … I’m straight out again for a major solo exhibition in Sarlat! Busy times… I write in haste…. read more about the show in tomorrow’s post.

Everything went every well on the painting holidays. The students were great 🙂 They brought loads of enthusasism & real curiousity/desire to learn & to paint, lots of laughter & appreciation of the many great painting opportunities at Chateau de Beduer. The food was delicious, the wine select, the company fun; The weather was clement & not too hot.

The ‘teaching’ was ‘educative’ for me… you know, re-presenting a subject is akin to re-learning it. I’m still amazed by painting & drawing, have the feeling that I’ve only just scraped the surface of a very deep well. A good learning enviroment should include the teacher, I believe. My ‘how to paint’ book is very much eveloving out of my teaching practise as much as my painting practise.

All really magical & beautiful.

Here’s some landscape photos to enjoy 🙂