Exhibition of Recent Paintings & Drawings in Sarlat

Adam Cope

Solo Exhibition of Recent Paintings & Drawings

La Maison de La Boétie
from 10,30 am till late.The artist will be present everyday, so do come along & enjoy!


Sarlat is just incredible. It’s a jewel of architecture & beauty & culture. Has to be seen to be believed (if you’re not in France, then you can catch some of it as it was used as the backdrop for the recent film of ‘Les Miserables’).It’s also a tourist hot-spot with many crowds. Lots to see & do. The street shows & buskers, great! Such ambiance.There’s something of an art market, with galleries & artists’ ateliers. So worth the visit if you like painting.

I showed there three years ago & did some sketching. hope to do so again. It’s such a contrast for a quiet country bumpkin as myself, who likes the peace & quiet of deep rural life to be dropped into the bussel of ‘Europe on Holiday’. Still if you go along with the flow, it can stimulating with lots of interesting meetings & exchanges.

So… see you there? The gallery isn’t difficult to find as it’s right at the epicentre. I’m the guy with the paint brush & pencil 😉