Learning to Paint? In Theory & in Practice


‘Tailles 16 à 21’
Oil on masonite
20 x 50cm
© adam cope



This wise little saying makes me laugh & makes me think:

‘I used to have six different theories on how to raise children but now I have six children, I have no theories’

(don’t worry!! I dont have six kids!!!)

Theory and Practice of Learning to Paint

It relates well to learning to paint as too many ‘theories’ & ‘tips’ & ‘learning goals’ can blind one to being sensitive to how the painting is unfolding beneath one’s hand…. the brush is moving but the brain is stuck in a pitter-pattter of theories… Theory is fine in it’s correct place, as a support for practise…. But too much theory poorly integrated into practise can give ‘creative indigestion’… Learning to listen, learning to look & learning to respond to the painting in process, slowly integrating the newly aquired skills & understanding into one’s natural, relaxed way of painting – that’s the thing!

walk the walk, not talk the walk… too much snooping around on internet, reading snippets here & there… and not doing enough actual painting is dangerous for one’s creativity. I should know 🙁

It’s also makes one chase after false goals rather than being responsive to each brush stroke & the unfolding of each individual painting. There’s the central  &most important

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