Path at the End of Winter

cornus = dogwood This path at the end of winter, lined with oaks. Red dogwood suckers. Life surging back into the landscape. painted this in one session, reduced me to tears… all prima large oil painting in plein-air, yeaa! alla prima = first take

Pruniers 5

‘Pruniers 5’ medium size oil on canvas 36 x 48 cm (approx 14 x 18 inches) © adam cope Very pleasant evening yesterday. Long, light, bright sunshine. A warm wind from the south (‘L’Antan’) carrying the sweet smells of spring. The landscape now covered with green. A fresh lime green of new leaves photosynthesising. Lovely,…

A Path through the Woods – Plantagenets in southwest France

‘Les Genets Fleuris’ 2008 Oil on Canvas 12 Figure ( 61 x50 cm – 24″ x 19,7″) © The Artist. A VENDRE – contactez moi pour le prix Les Genets Fleuris = Broom in Flower. Plantagenets in southwest France Maybe you know the the story of the name of the Plantagenet (Plantagenêt) dynasty? They were…

Blé en Dordogne

‘Blé & Chemin, Boisse’ 33 x 41 cm. Oil on Panel.© The Artist. sold path through the corn in the sunny dordogne didn’t walk along the tractor tracks, no wish to damage the farmer’s crop enchantment an invitation

L’Orée du Bois

30 x 40 cm. Oil on panel. Back in the green Dordogne. Hot day. Much photosynthesis. High grass, the farmers all busy with the cutting of hay.