‘Landmark Oak & Path’ – Painting Locations

‘Landmark Oak & Path’
Medium Size Oil on Canvas
46 x 38 cm (approx 14 x 18 inches)
© adam cope
Strong, bright, clear sunlight, limpid & luminous, late evening shadows going to rose. Memories of long summer evenings.

Same landmark oak as below, painted from further down down the path:

‘Chene, Chemin & Grande Distance’ (Monmarves)
Oil on Masonite
© adam cope

Go over the brow of the hill, down the path & look back up the hill from the otherside. Corn again in the field this year:

‘Blé & Chene’
65 x 50 cm
oil on canvas

Cézanne said he could find a hundred different paintings just by slightly inclining his neck & seeing the same subject from a different angle. Here, less demandingly, the plein-airist happily works his way along a favourite path, in different seasons & with different set-up points. Same ‘landmark’ tree, a guiding anchor point for miles around.