Exhibitions 2009

Expositions 2009 en DORDOGNE, FRANCE 

29 June – 12 July. La Maison de la Bôetie, SARLAT1 – 16 August . ‘L’Abre dans Tous ses États’, Château de SAUSSIGNAC

19 September. ‘La Journée du Patrimione’, Moulin de Larroque, COUZE – with a watercolour demonstration.

2 – 18 October, La Maison de Vins de BERGERAC – with life drawing workshops to accompany…email me for details.

The busy season has started. Goodbye to lovely long ‘time-rich’ winters. The exhibitions & workshops begin, & so I put the tent into my car & go off into the outside world. Framing & exhibiting, meeting the masses & selling paintings, teaching, living away from home ‘on tour’….

I’m not doing a lot of exhibitions this year. Partly because of the recession (but mostly because our house needs a new roof!). Speaking to fellow artists here in SW France, most of them aren’t even recouperating the rents on the exhibiting spaces… i.e. better off staying in the atelier & not exhibiting. Mind you, I thought it was going to bad last year but in fact, I sold well.

So if you’re in the Dordogne this summer, come along! I’ll be there in person at Sarlat & Bergerac. Light the camping stove & have a nice cup of tea?