Of lawns & high grass

‘Le Village’
Quarter Imperial sheet 28 x 38 cm
150 € ex P & P
© adam cope

May is the time of tending lawns. I like the huge expanse of green in the above painting, a calm foil for the details & foliage clustered around the focal point. A perfectly manicured lawn in an impeccable village. Reassuring. Calm. I choose to animate it with the odd blob, stain & puddle (opaque cadmiums) so as not to be inflexibly empty in relationship with the buildings & gardens.

I also like it when the grass is high, before the first cut of hay. Seed heads gently blowing in the wind. Another contrast of ‘wild’ nature vs.tended, husbanded nature? How “long do you wear” your lawn? The end of our garden is currently white with michelmas daisies & alight in the night-time with glow worms & nightingales.

‘Chene, Chemin & Herbe Haute’ 2007
OIl on Masonite
41 x 33 cm
© adam cope