Path at the End of Winter

path in winter - cornus - pianting

‘Chemin, Cornus – Fin de Hiver’

Medium Size Oil on Canvas
61 x 45 cm (approx 24 x 18 inches).
© The Artist

cornus = dogwood

This path at the end of winter, lined with oaks. Red dogwood suckers. Life surging back into the landscape.
painted this in one session, reduced me to tears… all prima large oil painting in plein-air, yeaa!
alla prima = first take

3 Comments on “Path at the End of Winter

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    thanx casey 🙂

    yes, i’m pleased with it…feel it has what the french call as ‘geneureux’… a generous breadth to it.

    still no one painting can be every painting. onwards to the next!