Poplar Grove, Dusk

‘Poplar Grove, Dusk ‘ Oil on MDF panel 33 x 41cm (approx 13 x 16 inches) – 6 figure format francais © adam cope These groves of trees are planted not far from the river Dropt. All straight & square, they are grown for cardboard boxes. I like openness & airiness of the groves. Not…

Walnuts #4

Here’s the four walnut paintings all together. Oil on Panel 15 x 30cm (approx 6 x 12 inches). © The Artist. Each painting : 100 € via PayPal

Walnuts #3

‘Walnuts #3’ Oil on Panel. 15 x 30cm (approx 6 x 13 inches). © The Artist. 100 €uros via PayPal The format of this small sized oil is three times a 6″ x 4″ postcard.

Walnuts #2

Oil on Panel 15 x 30cm (approx 6 x 12 inches). © adam cope sold about walnuts… Walnuts are one of the principal crops of the Dordogne & feature in our regional cuisine. The orchards are very beautiful places. It’s quiet common to see large walnut trees in the middle of fields or near to…

Walnuts #1

Walnuts #1 oil on panel 30 x 15cm (approx 12 x 6 inches). © adam cope sold   nut oh (wal) nuts…