Don’t Fall Off!

some watercolours from last autumn in the Célé valley. Vertigo?   Impossible blue sky but true…  yes true deep blue with only free wheeling birds 🙂 The blue sky that envelops us all… that evokes a sense of freedom in me 🙂

Sunset 3 Jan – Plein-Air Paintings of the Sun by Monet, Turner & Levitan

Sunset 3 Jan 2009 Oil on MDF panel 30 x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches). © The Artist. Painting of the winter sun hanging a in clear sky Sometimes the sun is a round ball in the sky, shining weakly, pale against a smokey sky. Other times it’s too bright to look at, blindingly…

Sunset : 21 December, longest night – Black in paintings.

‘Sunset : 21 December, longest night’ medium size oil on canvas 8 figure (46 x 38 cm; approx 18 x 14 inches) © adam cope oil painting of sunset on longest night Something amazing happened yesterday. The grey skies that have weighed us under this last month parted & THERE WAS LIGHT. It felt like…

Over the Hills

‘Over the Hills’ Oil on Panel 41 x 33 cm copyright – the Artist sold over the hills…… and far away. alla prima , a cool paintingafter the hear, passion & gutsy fight of the yesterday’s paint

Raincloud over Monbazillac

Raincloud over Monbazillac 1999 Watercolour. 33 x 24cm © The Artist. Stripping out old fames & replacing with new watercolours for next year’s shows. Here’s an oldie. Have I progressed since 1999? Well I feel more at ease with wet & spontaneous & alla prima watercolours, though I do like the rigour in this one.