‘Bed Time Story 5’
30 x 42 cm (approx 12″x16″)
Graphite & grey ink
©the artist
Lily is getting better & family life is getting back to normal.
m-l is so good at getting them into the story – look & see how lili is pointing to thepage of the bok. Her mind is opening up & connecting, like the pages  of the book , which turn over  & lead on onto th enex. On esurprise after another.
They grow up so quickly. Here’s a painting dating from the first year of v. over three & half years ago already. Funny how toys become nostalgic so quickly. Time passes. I must paint some more!

Painting of Children’s Toys

‘Elvis & Gang’
38 x 46cm (approx 14″ x 18″)
Oil on Canvas
©adam cope


‘My Brillant Career’
A5 doodle. Ink
© The Artist.

my not so brillant career

All these recent posts of my retrospective work over the last twenty years has depressed me. Gloomy & disappointment….. so little? To cheer myself up I did a doodle, which started off with a red dot & ended in a notan, ohhhh sorry, that’s a no-thing 😉


sketch after Immendorf ‘ Soceity of Decificiency’

My Feelings of Failure

Even more liberating was to re-read a quote from Immendorf, the wild german painter. I sketched this after his canvas ‘ Society of Deficiency’ which is in the Saatchi Collection, London.
Immendorf, like Beuys I think, was a liberating teacher:

I tell my students take your time. Breathe for twenty or so years. Try & make a portrait of yourself that depicts whereyou will be in twenty or so years from now.

Well, that portrait of me in twenty years time seemed along way away, so I started a self-portrait with some old watercolour on the back of an old failed watercolour. I would like to be able to paint portraits well. I would like to have portraits of my loved ones & my children… if it’s going to take me twenty years to get good, then I better get started straight away before they grow up.


postscript 2013 :

Regretably I still get these depressing feelings of deficiency , that I haven’t achieved much nor made half as many, half as good… Also now, that time si short & doesn’t go on & on. Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow…

….. so little?  ….still always failure? less ambitious now too, which is OK too.

My lovely kids are growing up so quickly, as kids always do. I still would like to make some good portraits of my loved ones & my children. Here’s a recent one.

The moral? If there is one, it must be ‘enjoy the journey’ 🙂

The things I thought were so important — because of the effort I put into them — have turned out to be of small value. And the things I never thought about, the things I was never able to either to measure or to expect, were the things that mattered.   – Thomas Merton

Elvis & Gang

‘Elvis & Gang’
36 x 48 cm (8F).
Oil on Canvas.
© The Artist.

Say you’re a codfish! – Peter Pan



Mr Jingling & Friends

‘Mr Jingling & Friends’
33 x 41 cm.
Oil on Panel
.© The Artist.
Click on image to enlarge (& see without the blur).

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. –Pericles


Doubt if it was actually Pericles but i do like it. Internet quotes aren’t too reliable.

We all woven into the web of each other’s lives. My little family … we ride together. Mr Jiggling bring us much joy.

Merci Pour Ton Temps

30 x 15 cm. Oil on Panel.

Many people are kind to me. I ask for help & they help me. They give their time to me. I don’t say everyone is kind to me, for I know well the unkindness of a minority of people, hélas. May my heart know that these are luckily only a minority. Nice to be helped.
Of course, this painting is also a kind of ‘momento mori’. Tempus fugit. I thought as well that it’s quiet a ‘bloggish’ kind of a subject. This mularky of making a painting a day, a painting a week , well, isn’t it abit like a race against time? The rising clutter of days where we loose time if we are not careful. Tempus fugit.

BTW, the colour reproduction in the JPEG is rubbish. Still waiting for my camera but then again, I guess I have to be philosophical about waiting as well.

I know it’s abit silly to comment on paintings, so if this sounds pretentious, please just put it down to the turpentine.

Now We Are Two


Now We Are Two .. because one can feel alone & not havde another to play with… so now there are two with a space of two & half years difference 🙂

oil on canvas, 23 x 24 cm. sold