Bed Time Story 5 : Painting of Children’s Toys

‘Bed Time Story 5’
30 x 42 cm (approx 12″x16″)
Graphite & grey ink
©the artist
Lily is getting better & family life is getting back to normal.
m-l is so good at getting them into the story – look & see how lili is pointing to thepage of the bok. Her mind is opening up & connecting, like the pages  of the book , which turn over  & lead on onto th enex. On esurprise after another.
They grow up so quickly. Here’s a painting dating from the first year of v. over three & half years ago already. Funny how toys become nostalgic so quickly. Time passes. I must paint some more!

Painting of Children’s Toys

‘Elvis & Gang’
38 x 46cm (approx 14″ x 18″)
Oil on Canvas
©adam cope

5 Comments on “Bed Time Story 5 : Painting of Children’s Toys

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    Casey Klahn a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message blog “Lily 13-01-09” :

    Very tender drawing – I am glad she is better.

    whoops-binned this one by mistake.

    Cheers Casey. Now what about a semi-abstract colorist pastel about childhood from you & your kids? a fauve portait maybe?

    Some artist dads do & some artists dads don’t.

    I sometimes wonder if I’m not off another tangent here. They’re not for sale & just made because these days are so precious, that’s all. I stopped doing portraits (& allegorical works from the imagination made in the studio) about fifteen years ago & concentrate on still-lives & landscapes.

    An attempt to develop a unified style … but here I go again, curious & impelled. Pourquoi pas?

  2.  by  Gillian

    Sorry to hear Lily was ill. Always a worry – and such a relief when they bounce back. This little story time family sketch is so precious and brings back happy memories of my own kids at that age. Yes, try and draw LOTS of them…