Bed Time Story 5 : Painting of Children’s Toys

‘Bed Time Story 5’
30 x 42 cm (approx 12″x16″)
Graphite & grey ink
©the artist
Lily is getting better & family life is getting back to normal.
m-l is so good at getting them into the story – look & see how lili is pointing to thepage of the bok. Her mind is opening up & connecting, like the pages  of the book , which turn over  & lead on onto th enex. On esurprise after another.
They grow up so quickly. Here’s a painting dating from the first year of v. over three & half years ago already. Funny how toys become nostalgic so quickly. Time passes. I must paint some more!

Painting of Children’s Toys

‘Elvis & Gang’
38 x 46cm (approx 14″ x 18″)
Oil on Canvas
©adam cope