Plein-Air Painting Materials 3 : The Hang-Up Brush Caddy

I went online to visit Judsons Art Outfitters – Home of Pochade Boxes and Plein Air Supplies since 1987, as it’s always interesting to see what’s happening ‘the other side of the water’. A fair few of the students who come to my Chateaux Painting Holidays, France come from the States, so over the years, I’ve seen close-up some of the materials that you can’t find in Europe. Here’s a little beauty that really is ‘super handy’ & has been a missing link in my kit for years.

Here’s what Judson has to say about this part of the Guerilla Painter pochade box easel:

The Hang-Up Brush Caddy:
” Super handy. Will fit in the (121.12) Brush Tray or hang off the side of your french easel and holds 10 or more brushes. Use the handle to lift it out and hang it from any of the three front edges of any size of Guerrilla Box. Also, the Palette Extension Kit (132.12) has a pre-cut slot to hold the Caddy. White enameled aluminum. “

Wow! after years of placing brushes on the ground, stepping on them & sometimes even leaving them behind… a pesky missing link that always worried me.

Here’s how I used to do it : rolled up in a brush holder. This “ol’ faithful” is ten years old.

TIP: Brushes are often damaged in transit. Their tips are fragile & sliding around inside boxes can bash their delicate tips, even oil painting hogs. I roll my brushes up in a clean clothe rag every time.

Gotta get one of those ‘guerilla hang-ups’ !!! I thought about the shipping to Europe before I loose all my brushes 😉

Here’s one I cobbled together (ML thought I had really gone funny when she saw me rushing about the house all excited about… a plastic box ). It doesn’t fit neatly ino my french easel unlike how the smart guerilla hang-up fits well into the integral guerilla system. The result of which is that my improvised hang-up hangs around extraneously & is one more bit of kit to carry (drop). You get what you pay for. One day I will have a guerilla to carry my hang-ups.

It is however bright, always an advantage when there’s hunters around.

Life is good when you’ve got hang-ups, ahhhh thanks Judsons. Now for a guerilla box… I wonder do they ship to Europe?

What’s the best way to ship gear to Europe? I’ve shipped paintings to the States before with never a worry.

It looks like a really good shop. Judsons Art Outfitters – Home of Pochade Boxes and Plein Air Supplies since 1987

7 Comments on “Plein-Air Painting Materials 3 : The Hang-Up Brush Caddy

  1.  by  eleonora

    Merci Adam de ta visite..tu sais que je fais de temps en temps de la peinture…et j’aime beaucoup tes photos..une belle mise en scène..Passe une bonne semaine et à bientôt avec plaisir…

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    Ton blog est une vrai régale, tes photos me donne envie de cuisiner, manger, deguster & j’aime le style de ton commentaire.

    C’etais une vrai plaisir comme toute les belles chooses dans la vie.


    HEY ALL YOU ‘ANGLOPHONES’ , english speakers … go visit eléonora’s blog

    cooking & photography

    don’t worry if you can’t understand the writing in french as eléonora’sz photos will make you want to ran to the kitchen & satrt cooking!

    ps.don’t forget to vote for her in the very heated competition for France’s best cooking blog.

  3.  by  René PleinAir.

    Hey Adam I use a modified > Boom < I also have one to spare, If you mail me your address
    it’s yours, …

    You can see it in full action > Here <

  4.  by  boguy

    Merci Adam pour ce beau travail. Pour ma part je n’ai aucun problème avec l’utilisation de la langue anglaise sur ton blog, c’est bien normal, c’est même bien pour nous pour progresser. C’est un de mes visiteurs qui a laissé un message que j’ai jugé un peu désobligeant; il y a des grincheux partout ! Vive l’Europe et toutes ses langues.

  5.  by  Adam Cope


    that’s neat! & youy got it hanging off your easel. why did it take me twenty years & a visit to judsons to figure that out?

    kind offer to send me one but why don’t you hang on to it, maybe give as a paprize if you can a plein-airist who gets out as much as you?

    you recent snow paintings are very fine & fluid.

    can i use that photo of you in the next plein-air materials posting? winter hats…. brrr! cold.

  6.  by  Adam Cope

    bonjour Boguy 🙂

    le base de notre noveau europe est le generousity & le respect mutuel, en mon avis.

    La langue de la Dordogne est Français. Donc il y a un elément de la vérité dans la critique de la parte de cette dame.

    J’essai a donner les titres en français aux mes tableaux. Petit homage à ce pays magnifique et généreux, qui a me donné autant. Mes expos sont tourjours encadré en français comme langue principal.

    Il serrai trop difficile pour moi de bloggé en bi-langue, surtout sans ma femme de me corrigé 😉

    Mais, comme petite geste de bienvenu, il y a maintenant un ‘gadjet’ traducteur de ce blog. Egalement j’ai l’intention de faire beaucoup plus des liens avec les bloggeurs francophones car il y en a du talent, n’est pas!

    Tes photos sont toujours un inspiration pour moi.

    Amicalément (mais sans mon livre’BLED’)