‘Le Cingle de Limeuil’

Cingle = meander in the river Dordogne at Limeuil.

‘Le Cingle de Limeuil’

Oil on canvas 65 x 54cm (approx 26 x 22 inches).
© The Artist.
The above painting is plein-air, painted on location, on the spot


looking down from the steep scape slope, buzzards flying up on the thermals…

Limeuil is the name of the town build on the hill at the confluence of the Dordogne & Vezérè.
I was ‘artist in residence’ in the beautiful parc panoramorique during
summer 2005. Here’s few of the images of that lovely long hot blue summer 🙂

plein air painting

plein air painting in the heat & light, i loved every minute of it, the sky was white blue wih heat – just great!
painting on location, on the spot, watercolours or oils
looking down  the valley , up the river
river of hope
oil painting
©adam cope

WIP : Le Cingle de Limeuil, Dordogne

‘Le Cingle de Limeuil, Dordogne’
ETAPE …. En Progres …

Oil on Canvas
65 x 54cm (approx 25,5 x 21,5 inches).
© The Artist.

Le cingle = the meander of the dordogne at Limeuil




Too much  like Cézanne? Ahh maitre Cézanne, you who have given me so much? It sometimes seems to me  that even the farmers plough their fields  as if by your hand,. Your vision has helped shape  the vision of many artists, including myself,  who followed on behind you. It was by looking at some your many ‘half-finished’ paintings – works in progress – that I partly leant to oil paint.


Cezanne - WIP

Work in progress by Cézanne


bright spring yellows – Matisse on shock

‘Printemps, Dropt’
Medium Size Oil on Canvas
12 paysage format francais
© The Artist.
Incredible rebirth of the leaves, yellow gold in the bright white sunlight.
The thing is just how do you use colour ?
Here’s another painting of the same scene a few weeks earlier, just before the leaves opened, dating from 2007:

‘Berges du Dropt’
Oil on MDF Panel
30 x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches).
© The Artist.

“The essential thing is to spring forth, to express the bolt of lightning one senses upon contact with a thing. The function of the artist is not to translate an observation but to express the shock of the object on his nature; the shock, with the original reaction.” – Matisse


‘Ilots, La Dordogne à Lalinde’
Medium Size Oil on canvas
x 40cm (approx 30 x 14 inches).
© The Artist


I was born in a country of brooks and rivers, in a corner of Champagne, called le Vallage for the great number of its valleys. The most beautiful of its places for me was the hollow of a valley by the side of fresh water, in the shade of willows…

My pleasure still is to follow the stream, to walk along its banks in the right direction, in the direction of the flowing water, the water that leads life towards the next village…

But our native country is less an expanse of territory than a substance; it’s a rock or a soil or an aridity or a water or a light. It’s the place where our dreams materialize; it’s through that place that our dreams take on their proper form….Dreaming beside the river, I gave my imagination to the water, the green, clear water, the water that makes the meadows green. I can’t sit beside a brook without falling into a deep reverie, without seeing once again my happiness….The stream doesn’t have to be ours; the water doesn’t have to be ours. The anonymous water knows all my secrets. And the same memory issues from every spring.

– L’Eau et les Rêves. Essai sur l’imagination de la matière. Gaston Bachelard.


La Dordogne à Lalinde 1

‘La Dordogne à Lalinde 1’
Medium Size Oil on canvas
65 x 54 cm
© adam cope
The same little islands – ‘îlots’ en francais – as in these paintings down from the opposite bank.

‘ Îlots, Pontours 1’
Medium size oil on canvas
46 x 38 cm
© adam cope

‘ Îlots, Pontours 2’
Medium size oil on canvas
70 x 33 cm
© adam cope

La Dordogne à Beynac 2

‘La Dordogne à Beynac 2’
28 x 38 xm (approx 11 x 15 “).
© adam cope

number two of two paintings

see painting number one

“the light’s changed…”



La Dordogne à Beynac 1

28 x 38 cm – approx 15 x 11″
© dam that cope
number one of two paintings
late afternoon light, pale winter, white glinting reflections on the black river

15 x 11″ – 28 x 38 cm
Tanglewood. A bird song corridor through an empty land. Sluggish shallow river. Old roots holding the banks together. Old place, old beings. Being quiet here… the Dropt has an intimate & hidden charm, different from the majestic Dordogne with it’s mighty flow. Being quiet here & now … even in a modest landscape, a hidden corner. One of the last spaces for nature in our monetised countryside.

Wendell Berry on Local Care of Shared Places:”My wife, Tanya, and I were just in Massachusetts visiting with a friend of ours, Rachel Fletcher, who had organized some of her neighbors in her town to make a “riverwalk.”

A little river runs right through the middle of her town. For maybe generations people had looked at the river the way we Americans have learned to look at rivers—as something to carry things away that we don’t want. The town had just tumbled whatever they didn’t want down among the trees on the river bank.

Rachel began to persuade people to allow a riverwalk to be built across their back lots. She organized cleanups, and people would come and bring their children. They picked up all the trash and cleared the river bank and built their walk, and they made a beautiful thing.

Any walk through the woods gives one a lot to look at, especially a walk along a riverbank. People made donations to put in seats in memory of loved ones who had died and so on. That was how it started.

The next thing that happened was that people who had property on the other side of the river, who weren’t organized into this effort at all, began to clean up their lots. So here you’ve got a neighborhood institution that is minimally organized. So far as I know, it has no trust fund. But it’s cherishing something local that everybody can have in common, and to me a thing like that can’t go wrong. It’s just a little narrow walkway, scaled right, but it’s an enormously suggestive thing.

It was a way for people in the neighborhood to give days of their labor to one another, to give one another shares in their mutual place, to make a place where they would meet each other without agenda or schedule. And as the cleanup across the river would indicate, it has an influence.

So that’s the way my instinct says to work. If you believe in goodness, if you believe that goodness has a power, then why not act on your faith and do something good and see if it won’t call forth more goodness?”

Jack Jezreel interviews Wendell Berry, U.S. Catholic magazine.


River Dropt 1

river dropt 1

‘river dropt 1’
15 x 11 ” – 28 x 38 cm
© adam cope


winter’s day lost in fog
last places

Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde

Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde

‘Dordogne River Study 2- swans at lalinde’
watercolour by Adam Cope
15 x 11inches
© adam cope


swans at lalinde – foggy winter day