plein-air painting – Le Cingle de Limeuil, Dordogne

  ‘Le Cingle de Limeuil’ Cingle = meander in the river Dordogne at Limeuil. ‘Le Cingle de Limeuil’ Oil on canvas 65 x 54cm (approx 26 x 22 inches). © The Artist. sold The above painting is plein-air, painted on location, on the spot   looking down from the steep scape slope, buzzards flying up on…

La Dordogne à Lalinde 2 – L’Eau et les Rêves, Gaston Bachelard.

‘Ilots, La Dordogne à Lalinde’ Medium Size Oil on canvas x 40cm (approx 30 x 14 inches). © The Artist   I was born in a country of brooks and rivers, in a corner of Champagne, called le Vallage for the great number of its valleys. The most beautiful of its places for me was…

La Dordogne à Beynac 2

‘La Dordogne à Beynac 2’ Aquarelle 28 x 38 xm (approx 11 x 15 “). © adam cope number two of two paintings see painting number one “the light’s changed…”    

La Dordogne à Beynac 1

Aquarelle 28 x 38 cm – approx 15 x 11″ © dam that cope number one of two paintings see painting number two late afternoon light, pale winter, white glinting reflections on the black river

River Dropt 2 – Wendell Berry on Local Care of Shared Places

15 x 11″ – 28 x 38 cm Tanglewood. A bird song corridor through an empty land. Sluggish shallow river. Old roots holding the banks together. Old place, old beings. Being quiet here… the Dropt has an intimate & hidden charm, different from the majestic Dordogne with it’s mighty flow. Being quiet here & now…