La Dordogne à Beynac 2

‘La Dordogne à Beynac 2’
28 x 38 xm (approx 11 x 15 “).
© adam cope

number two of two paintings

see painting number one

“the light’s changed…”



2 Comments on “La Dordogne à Beynac 2

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    coming from such an accomplished river painter as yrself, i take that as a real compliment.

    u know, here i just let go & let rip. not worrying to much about rules such as the wash out in the top left nor the excessive caking on of yellow acrylic. the only thing that mattered was getting down & getting it right, exactly as I felt it.

    “Let go, the best control is no control.” – WK