bright spring yellows – Matisse on shock

‘Printemps, Dropt’
Medium Size Oil on Canvas
12 paysage format francais
© The Artist.
Incredible rebirth of the leaves, yellow gold in the bright white sunlight.
The thing is just how do you use colour ?
Here’s another painting of the same scene a few weeks earlier, just before the leaves opened, dating from 2007:

‘Berges du Dropt’
Oil on MDF Panel
30 x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches).
© The Artist.

“The essential thing is to spring forth, to express the bolt of lightning one senses upon contact with a thing. The function of the artist is not to translate an observation but to express the shock of the object on his nature; the shock, with the original reaction.” – Matisse


2 Comments on “bright spring yellows – Matisse on shock

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    I am very happy you have spring time, and that you are remembering Ms. Matisse in your paintings. Bravo!!

  2.  by  Adam Cope


    remembering what a great artists said isn’t the same as discovering for oneself & itegrating into one’s natural painting processes…. else any who read a book could paint!!