Berges du Dropt #2

Berges du Dropt #2 Oil on Panel. 30 x 40 cm. copyright – the artist. sold one of own personal favourites, this painting I like … semi abstract? a conception a little bit different from your average landscape daub… still shinning with light. a certainity of touch. nice colours too

Berges du Dropt

. Berges du Dropt 48 x 36 cm. Oil on Canvas. A slower painting, that was in the studio for about two years before finding resolution. Pesky burnt umber & raw umber .. i find these colours difficult

Bergerac Waterfront #1

Bergerac Waterfront #1 Oil on panel. 6 figure format français – 46 x 36 cm. Framed (probably too heavy to post…) sold grey winter, greys & naples, dirty old town of the south, warm even in winter the river  still, the barrage down stream shut i love this town 🙂