Watercolour Portraits Using the Direct & Indirect Methods

‘M’ watercolour Quarter Imperial Sheet © adam cope Painting into the dusk. Fading light. Blur & indefinition. When the self feels its way into the soul of the world. The feelings that pass between artist & model.A strictly limited palette. Three colours only. Winsor & Newton. Artists Viridian, Indian Red, Permanent Magenta. The tonality is…

E – drawings of a child

‘e’ Graphite A5 sketchbook – detail © The Artist. ‘portrait of e’ Graphite A5 sketchbook – detail © The Artist. “Every child is an artist.” oh yes later on : see this child when she is older

Sanguine Portrait of a Child

‘Sourire Toujours’ Sanguine Portrait of a Child A3 Hanhemaille ‘Nostalgia’ © The Artist. Been off holidaying with my wife & two young children. Family time. We went to Britanny, near Carnac with its standing stones (which really caught my boy’s imagination!) & its beautiful silver sand beaches. We stayed with some good old friends, a…

Issigeac People

A5 sketchbook A5 sketchbook these may (or may not) amuse any local readers out there… recognise before & after the local elections? A5 sketchbook