pencil portraits in graphite

Some pencil portraits in graphite


A5 sketch book.

©adam cope



3 Comments on “pencil portraits in graphite

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    Hi carol 🙂

    Thanks for coming over.

    Adebanji – interesting feedback from a pro!
    i used to smudge a lot as i basically learnt drawing with charcoal the first ten years… very smudgy… then i felt that smudging was in fact fudging ie not making one’s mark with commitment. Smuging isn’t far off rubbing ie destroying isn'”t it?

    another problem is that i’m having a lot problems with my camera which also seems to be underexposing. I use photoshop to bring up the jpeg’s & doctor them to impact as people really don’t spend much time nor attention looking at little jpegs made all blurry by blogspot, IMO. The contrast button in PS exaggerates the divide between a smedged area & white of page.