WIP : Winter Sunset

BTW, WIP = Work in Progress

‘Winter Sunset’ finished state
30 x 40 cm
oil on panel
© The Artist.
150 € -possibily of taking in sterling or US dollars via Paypal

unfinished state
Painting in sub-zero temperatures a month ago…finished off in studio, the gradients of light were wrong, there wasn’t such an abrupt change from yellow to pink but rather slipped through orange to pink. difficult to follow these rapid changes whilst froz & anyway the trees where so stark & black against the light, they needed do ‘afterwards’, after the sky, sequently more like a watercolour than an oil.

4 Comments on “WIP : Winter Sunset

  1.  by  Stew

    do the oil paints behave themselves in sub zero is it like trying to spread butter when it’s been in the fridge?

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    well stew – it is indeed a fine pitchfork

    & a three ponged one at that,

    three prongs being for gardening & grass etc, & four prongs for manure & shit shovelling!

    you’re one the safe-side;)