Monflanquin – Tournon d’Agenais – les villages perchées du Lot & Garonne

‘Monflanquin – Hiver’
30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 inches)
Oil on Panel
© The Artist.
150 € – possibily of taking in sterling GBP & US dollars via Paypal.
Wet misty January sunset.

les villages perchées du Lot & Garonne

Monflanquin est une village perchée du Lot & Garonne = Monflanquin is a villege ‘perched’ on top of a hill in the Lot & Garonne department (county). It used to have alot more defensive towers & walls but Richelieu knocked them down in his campaign to subjugate the south west of France.
Here’s another oil of Monflanquin.

‘Monflanquin sous la Pluie’
12 Figure (61 x 50 cm)
Oil on Canvas
And here is an 30 x 40 cm alla prima blog etude from last Feburary, of the next fortified hill top town Tournon d’Agenais.

‘Tournon d’Agenais’
huile sur carton-toilé
30 X 40 cm
© The Artist.


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  1.  by  Stew

    Adam – I’m tinkering with a blogroll of french bloggers.
    Let me know if you’d like to be included.

  2.  by  Stew

    Good work on the winter scenes, without getting the colours muddy. The light on the trees on “sous la pluie” is damn fine too.