Monflanquin – Tournon d’Agenais – les villages perchées du Lot & Garonne

‘Monflanquin – Hiver’
30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 inches)
Oil on Panel
© The Artist.
150 € – possibily of taking in sterling GBP & US dollars via Paypal.
Wet misty January sunset.

les villages perchées du Lot & Garonne

Monflanquin est une village perchée du Lot & Garonne = Monflanquin is a villege ‘perched’ on top of a hill in the Lot & Garonne department (county). It used to have alot more defensive towers & walls but Richelieu knocked them down in his campaign to subjugate the south west of France.
Here’s another oil of Monflanquin.

‘Monflanquin sous la Pluie’
12 Figure (61 x 50 cm)
Oil on Canvas
And here is an 30 x 40 cm alla prima blog etude from last Feburary, of the next fortified hill top town Tournon d’Agenais.

‘Tournon d’Agenais’
huile sur carton-toilé
30 X 40 cm
© The Artist.