Vines near Boisse

‘Vines near Boisse, Dordogne, France’
Medium Size Oil – Canvas.
51 x 41 cm (20 x 16 inches).
© adam cope

alla prima

This was done in one session, no corrections.. had to paint very quickly as it was my turn to pick the children up

good clouds in this medium size oil painting of vines…

The south west of France is dotted with land-mark hills, on top of which are nearly always either a chateau or a town, or maybe sometimes a windmill. This hill near Issigeac has two windmills, now without their sails.
I’ve painted this hill many times over the last ten years. Here’s an early medium size oil, when the corn is yellowed up & ready for harvest. When I painted the above this week, the farmer was harrowing in preparation to plant his winter barley & the last leaves hanging on the vines, the oaks turning bronze. Already !
‘Boisse, Dordogne’
Medium Size Oil on Canvas
73 x 53 cm