Pruniers 5

‘Pruniers 5’
medium size oil on canvas
36 x 48 cm (approx 14 x 18 inches)
© adam cope

Very pleasant evening yesterday. Long, light, bright sunshine. A warm wind from the south (‘L’Antan’) carrying the sweet smells of spring. The landscape now covered with green. A fresh lime green of new leaves photosynthesising. Lovely, I choose to paint this rather than chase the coppery new leaves or the next waves of late blossoming fireworks. The soil breathing sweetly, smelling good & gleam pink/violet in the late afternoon light.How does one paint this miracle of sunlight? This miracle of photosynthesis?

Path through an orchard, beautiful place to be.

BTW, this the same orchard as always, the one we can see from our kitchen window. Le verger de Mr & Madame Verdier. You can’t see our house in this painting but it is situated just behind the third plum tree, the one next to the edge.

7 Comments on “Pruniers 5

  1.  by  René PleinAir.

    Wow spring is in full swing over there, you making me drooling!

    Lively lovely painting this one, just a joy to look at!


    Or in English:


  2.  by  Adam Cope

    Glad yyou like it, René 🙂

    you know, the sun is hot south of Bordeaux.

    northerners who sek the sun, such as Van Gogh but also did you know of southerners who search th eice? I meeet a painter from Corsica who told me of his deams of ice… and grey overcast north seas.

    Thanks for the tips re:how to pint people in iols en plein air. I know nothing !!

  3.  by  Galina Nikolova

    Hello Adam,

    I like the whole spring series. This spring is really wonderful and with your paintings its even more colourful.

    And thaks for following:)

    Happy Easter.

  4.  by  Adam Cope

    thanks galina

    you know, the exchanges that happen between the painters whose work I follow & who wish to dialogue… these are worth something, no?

  5.  by  Fábio Cembranelli

    Hi Adam, your “chateau painting holidays” website is interesting. Some of my students want to visit you next year!

  6.  by  Liana

    this one sings to me! i love it! and i see the sunlight!