Limestone macro photograph

Mineral images: Paesina stone

“Paesina – ‘landscape’ – stone comes from Tuscany, Italy. A silty limestone formed during the Cretaceous period, it is marked by a 3D network of fine cracks through which groundwater diffuses bringing oxides of various minerals and creating the intricate, landscape-like colours and patterns”

Photograph: Earth Images Ltd

Interesting on-line exhibition of Earth Images Ltd at
Rocks and minerals – up close and personal

2 Comments on “Limestone macro photograph

  1.  by  Annie

    This photo is remarkable. It makes me think of a Japanese (or oriental) painting. I see a cliff into the sea and heavy rain. Thanks for sharing this!

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    glad you enjoyed looking, annie 🙂

    ‘to see eternity in a grain of sand’ – Blake