sketch book : drawing of a town road

A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.



drawing of a town road in Bergerac

Winter sun. I sat on the terrace of a bar & did this drawing. More of a doodle really. Enjoyed the urban setting for a change from the countryside. Quite like the arrangement of shapes in the detail.
Learning to be selective about what one chooses to actually develop into a painting, & exactly what pictorial theme (here the shapes) that interests you … will save you from that feeling of ‘oh I wish I did it that way’ upon finishing the painting, and then it’s too late to change everything. Doodling with no particular aim in mind can sometimes naturally lead you to finding out your interests. Here I wouldn’t want to develop the obivious view down the road but rather the shapes in the shop fronts. I didn’t know that when I started out.