French Market Places 16 : ‘Amigo’

‘Amigo 1’
A5 sketchbook
© the artist

‘Amigo 2’
medium size drawing – A3
© adam cope
make me an offer, LOL – kill me with silence & whine about the price of art… OK… then  go buy your  70 euros lunch in a restaurant then… hhehheeee.. i’ll eat the radishes & the leaves keft over from the market, no problem.. it’s called poverty. but i’m rich in lovely life.

French Market Places 16 : ‘Amigo’

Isn’t it funny the situations that we find ourselves in? Modern life sometimes throws us in incongruous & haphazard circumstances.This ‘veille paysanne’ in Bergerac market with her six or seven cabbages, a roll or two of leeks & two or three salades as well…. Not much in comparison to the huge supermarkets with their lorry loads of fruit & veg, most of which at this time of the year is ‘long circuit’ rather than ‘short circuit’ . That’s to say, not produced locally but probably in the glass houses of southern Spain. Produced in mass. Consummed in mass. Probably picked by exploited & underpayed illegal immigrants suffering fromno health cover. Distributed & dictated by large & powerful finances of the supermarkets.

Irony of irony, this ‘veille paysanne’ sat baracaded behind a wall (in the finest Republican tradition 😉 of cartons, one of which had the slogan ‘AMIGO’. Surely once this was the box of fruit & veg from Southern Spain…

As an artist, I find myself in something of a simular situation as this old farmer. Individual, small scale and with  pathetically small financial means of production/distribution. I don’t even have enough money to print a postcard or a poster… we make do, smile & try our best … barracaded behind our inadequate defenses, C’est la vie, Amigo.