Un Pigeonnier Troglodyte en Périgord


‘Bicorne 2 bis
Large Size Oil approx 33 x 24 inches
© adam cope

Un Pigeonnier Troglodyte en Périgord

I’ve been working on a large oil painting of the cliffs. As I’m not certain about the entire painting, I’m not going to blog it for the instant. But here is a crop of it. If you read my long posts about ‘how to draw rocks’ & the prehistory here in the Dordogne, you will know that I’m fascinated about certain elements in this non-humanised landscape.

Chaos I guess, that does something to the imagination.

I’m groping towards a way of painting this. The academic way of painting the light & shade on rocks seems to me to risk diminishing this chaotic aspect. Exactly that which I like.

Well… I say non-humanised landscape lightly, as here in this particular spot, there’s a house built into the rock-face, hence the amusing address ‘Biicorne 2 bis’ – the bis being French for ‘a’ such as in 13 a Duke Street.Right in the middle of this crop, you can see a ‘pigeonnier’ or a dovecot. A troglodyte’s dovecot!

photography in painting

Observe also how I’m using photoshop to crop a detail & zoom in on the postive elements in the actual painting. This will help me identify the next step. This is another example of how photography inter-reacts with the painting process. A direct example of my previous suggestion that photography can be used to help make visible, to suggest, to dream & imagine using digital images on the computer. Read more about photography in painting in this blog’s category.


6 Comments on “Un Pigeonnier Troglodyte en Périgord

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    ahhh boguy! c’est dans le périgord poupre! l’address est ‘Bicorne Deux bis’et il se trouve dans la vallée de la Couze.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    cheers trevor

    this one might never get to the finished stage… uncertain about the whole event.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    hi nancy

    i’m not really sure of anything about this one, i think i’ll have to wait & see. Remeber that i’m showing you the best passage but that the overall composition doesn’t work… if it were only this passge then OK.Do i cut it out, crop it down?

    nice dog you got got there! looking forwrad to popping by chez-vous soon 🙂

    ps. something is wrong with my computer…