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Vietnamese Meditation Bell


Dark Places

“…..turning around

you see the road you’ll

never step on again.”

‘Dark Places’ by Adam Cope

” Un homme n’est que un misérable tas de minable sécrets.” – André Malraux
(A man is only a miserable pile of pitiful secrets)

This post is part of recent series of postings loosely inspired by Antonio Machado’s poem:

Wanderer, the road is your
footsteps, nothing else;
wanderer, there is no path,
you lay down a path in walking.

In walking, you lay down a path
and when turning around
you see the road you’ll
never step on again.
Wanderer, path there is none,
only tracks in the ocean foam.

Antonio Machado (translated by Franciso Valera)

Drawing of an Adolescent


Father of Etienne, after I asked a favour : “Adam, don’t you know never ask an adolescent to do anything! 😉 “

me : “What , nothing at all? never ever ever?”

Etienne : ‘Si, ça va….” (yes, it’s OK)