Plum Blossom

‘Pruniers 4’
Oil on MDF panel
30 x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches).
© The Artist.
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Plum Blossom

The recent sunny weather broke yesterday evening with a grey rainfront edging in from the Atlantic.These two plum trees were the last in the orchard to bloom; all the rest are now in leaf. These two face west, towards the Atlantic, from whence two fearful storms have come these last ten years, ‘La Grande Tempete, 27 Dec 1999’ et ‘Tempete Klaus, 24 Jan 2009’. Many of the trees on the west side have been storm damaged. Gaps in the orchard. These two, however, still resist. Two survivors. Two black, ripped-up, old prune trees. The white blossom of youth makes a great contrast that gives me hope.

Black trunks, white blossom.

2 Comments on “Plum Blossom

  1.  by  Gillian

    I’m enjoying your French spring through your paintings, Adam…
    Hopefully NO red moons this season.