Plantou – Sunset II

‘Plantou – Sunset II’ Watercolour. 42 x 38cm (15 x 11 inches). © The Artist. sold   There’s a ‘Route des Vins’ organised by Xavier at Counseil Interprofessionelle des Vins de la Region Bergerac. It’s a good wheeze. You get to visit the caves & chateaux & do some wine tasting. they have posh bordeaux…

Plantou Sunset

‘Plantou Sunset’Watercolour.47 x 36 cm© The Artist. Click here to buy this painting. ‘Le Plantou’ is the name of a hill, just under Boisse (which is a village situated on another hill) near Issigeac (which is the town near me). it’s a round hummock-type of a hill, rather like a breast, with a swelling concave…

Vieux Cepes de Vignes II

‘Vieux Cepes de Vignes II’ Watercolour. 42 x 20 cm © The Artist. sold   OK here’s the new watercolour for the new frame. Those old vine stocks doing their dance.

Vieux Cepes des Vignes

Watercolour. 28 x 38cm (15 x 11 inches). © The Artist. ‘Vieux Cepes des Vignes’ – old vine stocks. Brillant, warm October late afternoon light shining through the leaves. Old stocks tend to give brighter autumn colours, partly due to their age but also partly because these vines were vendanged by hand, thus avoiding the…


‘Sauvignon’ Watercolour Quater imperial. 28 X 38 cm. Arches Rough 300 gms © The Artist. SOLD There’s a fete going on the vines. Last week before the sauvignon is vendanged. Botanical design, not botanical drawing.

self 3

A5 watercolour My wife says the resemblance is getting better in this watercolour (but the neck should be thinner. A somewhat worrying comment… ).