Sauvignon, Boisse

‘Sauvignon, Boisse’
28 x 38 cm. Quarter Imperial. Whatman 300gms.
© The Artist.
Last parcel of sauvignon yet to be harvested. Autumnal overcast sky, grapey mauve, the landscape mellow with misty stratus, a bluey shade of manganese mauve. Last brave yellow tops of vine leaves. Yellow ochre bottoms heavy with mauvey blue grapes. Trees thinning out already.

Photography of artwork : an imperfect tool.

Same old problem with photographing art work, that the shadows are always crushed up into black. Especially with the delicate fine tones of watercolour. In this artwork itself, I took great care not to let the dark tones go to black, but rather held them around ultramarine blue, a few notches up from black. Currently, have the feeling that ‘black holes’ do not accord with the misty mellow overcast light of autumn, here in the Dordogne, not far from the Atlantic ocean.