Vendanges Doux 2001

‘ Vendanges Doux ‘ 2001
42 x 20 cm
200 €
© The Artist.

Am currently stripping out old watercolours from old frames & updating with new watercolours. The complexities of have once worked un-standard sizes are a real headache.

I post this one as I was talking in the previous post about the way colour spreads beyound contours & boundaries. Both in real life (haloes, colour casts & humidity in the atmosphere, etc) and in watercolour technique itself. This is a studio piece from 2001 . I photograph & catalogue it for the first time ever.  Aren’t they great, digital cameras!

It’s  about the stratus fog that sits in the valleys, over the vines, casing the botyrisus rot to the vines that gives the Monbazillac wine its beautiful taste.

It also belongs to the semi-abstract landscapes that I was making six years ago, in the studio, non plein-air.