Exhibitions 2009

Expositions 2009 en DORDOGNE, FRANCE 

29 June – 12 July. La Maison de la Bôetie, SARLAT1 – 16 August . ‘L’Abre dans Tous ses États’, Château de SAUSSIGNAC

19 September. ‘La Journée du Patrimione’, Moulin de Larroque, COUZE – with a watercolour demonstration.

2 – 18 October, La Maison de Vins de BERGERAC – with life drawing workshops to accompany…email me for details.

The busy season has started. Goodbye to lovely long ‘time-rich’ winters. The exhibitions & workshops begin, & so I put the tent into my car & go off into the outside world. Framing & exhibiting, meeting the masses & selling paintings, teaching, living away from home ‘on tour’….

I’m not doing a lot of exhibitions this year. Partly because of the recession (but mostly because our house needs a new roof!). Speaking to fellow artists here in SW France, most of them aren’t even recouperating the rents on the exhibiting spaces… i.e. better off staying in the atelier & not exhibiting. Mind you, I thought it was going to bad last year but in fact, I sold well.

So if you’re in the Dordogne this summer, come along! I’ll be there in person at Sarlat & Bergerac. Light the camping stove & have a nice cup of tea?


paleolithic cave art web page update

Three Page update to artists-atelier.com website:Prehistoric Cave Art – A Personal Response of a Contemporary Artist

It’s siphoned off several entries in this blog. I gue”ss this blog is a kind of sketchbook for working out rough drafts & quickly getting ideas & text down in the work-a-day rhythm. I adapt well to the ‘chunking’ of the work-load, being somewhat disorganised & overloaded with half finished projects. Speaking of half finished projects, there’s still my Carnet de Voyage en Egypte still in tatters. It really needs a decent nav-bar, as does the whole of www.artists-atelier.com. More time not painting…

Outside bright spring. Here’s mimosa from my garden, which has been in flower for well over a week now. It always flowers a good two weeks in advance in places besides the milder Atlantic Ocean like Arcachon some hour & half drive away.


Sunset on 2008 – Review of my Year 2008

‘Sunset 31 December’
30 x 40 cm ( approx 16 x 12 inches)
© The Artist.
150 euros

Review: My Year in 2008

  • First off …. I can’t seem to take good photos of my paintings with my underexposing camera cannon EOS 400D & the burnt our screen of my seven year old iMac.
  • Managed to do some painting, though other years have been more productive. I’m less time-rich than previous years.  The leaking roof of our house has to be replaced next year in 2009 & I’m also a part-time house-dad of two young children.
  • I did however manage to paint in 2008 one medium size oil painting which I am genuinely pleased with. One of those paintings that challenge the painter to go even higher, even futher , even better. One of those paintings I look at & wonder will I ever been able to paint as well as that again? Good to have that challenge.
  • I ditched the 30 x 40 small size oils (see ‘my blog project’) for a good while in 2008 but now want to pick it up again. The 30 x 40 small size paintings at a small price for sale via Paypal haven’t soldnone at all via internet from this blog but sold OK in the exhibitions. I enjoyed doing them anyhow so I don’t think it was ‘sunk & lost’ time.
  • Small formats are good for plein-air as they can be painted within the three to four hour time slot (excluding packing, cleaning & travel… & retouching). I really enjoy my core practise which is plein-air painting. I love doing it but…something….what?….a little voice in the quiet of the night….it’s just that I want to take my vision of what I want from plein-air painting further into new territory. I realise that this means that I must work harder so as to push my plein-air further.
  • Watercolours were less prioritised in 2008. 2007 was a good year for watercolour. Watercolour is my first love. I remember being amazed by ‘wc’ when I was sixteen, which is coming on thirty years ago. I dream of ‘the natural way’ of wc painting… & maybe there were some signs of this in 2008. Don’t however confuse ‘natural’ with ‘easy’. A trap which many fall into & end up painting glib, formulaic wc’s, which is fine if that’s what you want. Something however bucks inside of me that this & I realise I must follow this little voice, even if it means… I digress. Lovely watercolour.
    • In 2008 I worked a lot on sketching, especially ‘moving targets’ sketched whilst they were in motion ‘on the hoof’ ‘Sur la Vif’ like my children (see blog label) moving about & musicians playing. I would however like to develop these into larger works which exist outside of the sketchbook & can be exhibited/framed/sold. That will tie up all these seemingly diverse & contradictory threads I play with & get all tangled up. Still what else would I rather be doing? In some ways my musicians are my hymn to what I admire in humans : our creativity. Music is… lovely.



  • My ‘How to Paint’ book developed slowly in 2008. This ‘book’ has been growing out from both my painting practice & my teaching notes over the last ten years. Offline & not here on online in this blog. I want to start publishing in 2009 via the ‘how to paint’ press. It includes the painting techniques & tips that I pass on whilst teaching (& occassionally here whilst blogging – see the painting & drawing : techniques & tips label).
  • Good painting workshops & day teaching in 2008. Good teaching is a learning experience for the teacher as well. I really enjoy teaching. You get to meet lots of interesting people & ‘put your heads together’ to find the answer. Yes, they was good painting, good learning & good fun.
  • Our painting holidays team developed a new venue : Chateau de Beduer in the Lot. It was a roaring success & everybody was most pleased. We had a student return rate of over fifty percent 🙂
  • Some good invitations to exhibit in 2009, including a good commercial gallery in St. Emillon (yes thanks) & another from a prestigious but bad commercial gallery in Paris near Le Pompidou (no thanks).
  • A good year followed by a bad year tax-wise is crippling as the taxes are paid retrospectively ie I pay for 2008 in 2009. I pay taxes & social charges as artists are legally obliged to do so here in France … Health cover is important…. but perpetual money worries are dehabilitating. You’ve got to earn it to pay it.
  • I fear the recession & the collapse of sterling will hurt me badly in 2009. I fear we are all up for wounding/low revenues/debt/possibilty of insolvency in 2009.
  • I worry for mankind, the next generation & my children. In my little way, see my blog category artists & ecology. But then again painting isn’t politics is it? Nero’s fiddling away whilst Rome burns?

  • www.artists-atelier.com well developed & SEO placed. Recent paintings need to updated however.
  • Coming soon to www.artists-atelier.com : the return of my Carnet de Voyage en Egypte – an online sketch book dating from 2001 but updated in 2009 after a visit to the Egyptian dept. in the Louvre – read it in this blog somewhere or other.
  • ‘Dordogne Painting Days’ blog – I enjoy it but is it a waste of time? That Robinsoe Crusoe feeling of hours wasted on the type pad… painting = don’t talk about it, do it!
  • This blog’s blog stats growing at 15 percent per month. Seth GODIN : art blogs tend to generate attention but not revenue.
  • Decided to get out, read, inter-react & meet other blogging artists, even if that too is a waste of time in terms of money. But I enjoy these meetings as they makes me feel less isolated. I need to talk through/clarifying the tangle that is my brain as well as take great care of my creativity & my painting practice. Thanks blog readers & internet friends 🙂


Still Lives & Flower Paintings – New Web Page

‘Tailles 16 à 21’ – detail
Oil on Panel
entire painting – 20 x 50cm (8 x 20 inches).
© adam cope

New web page of Selected Still-lives & Flower Paintings

21 images dating from 1998 (when I was doing a lot of still-lives) to 2008. I intend to have another ‘campaign’ of still-lives this winter. I’ve been prioritising my landscaping during these last ten years.

‘Fruit Machine’

Oil on Panel
30 x 40 cm

Drawings of Musicians & Buskers – New Web Page

‘Alison & Her Cello’
Ink & Brush Pen
28 x 38cm (15 x 11 inches).
© The Artist.
400 euros
alision started off with bruchner & was playing bach cello by the time i drew her here – her back was hurting , she had a very dynamic posture!

(Les Eyzies)
watercolour & ink
A5 Sketchbook



12 SEPT _ 3 OCT 2008


I’m exhibiting at ‘L’Office de Tourisme’ At Les Eyzies, Dordogne. Les Eyzies has the nick-name of ‘The Prehistoric Capitol of the World’ as it was here that most of the discoveries of prehistory were found in the ninteenth century. The Tourism Office is opposite the Musée Nationale de Prehistoire which was revamped a few years ago & is just incredible. Beautiful museology, well displayed & sufficently contextualised with notes pitched at an intelligent reader of ‘beginner’ level of knowledge of prehistory.

In this exhibition, I’m showing my works from the Vézère valley & the Célé valley. These are works about rocks & cliffs & caves & wild nature outside of the modern cultivated landscapes of today. For me, it’s a pleasure bringing these works to Les Eyzies as it feels like a sort of home-coming. Local people, who know the cliffs, have complemented me on the ‘truth’ in my depictions.

This year, I’ve been spending time up the Vézère researching Prehistoric Art & getting the feel of the place. ‘Resonances’. I’ll try & post some of my notes & art-scribbles over the next few days. Stay posted.

Related Categories in this blog: Rock, Prehistory


‘Three Sketches of a Jazz Cornet Player’
five minute poses whilst playing JAZZZ!
A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.

‘Les Mercredis de Jazz’ at La Maison de Vins de Bergerac

‘Les Mercredis de Jazz’ at La Maison de Vins de Bergerac ( La Cloître des Recollets) … Jazz on a summer’s eve outside my exhibition, in a fiiteenth century cloister, under the huge tree ‘Paloania Tormentosia’… cool man!

My exhibition going well, with many visitors, may up to five or six hunred a day. Many interesting conversation & sales.

About eighty oils, watercolours & drawings on show.

1 to 13 AUGUST


Watercolour Pages on Website Updated

I’ve updated & organised two pages of watercolours on my artists-atelier.com website:

Watercolour Gallery 1 : Selected Recent Watercolours 2007 (18 images)
Watercolour Gallery 2 : Selected Recent Watercolours 2000 – 2006 (18 images)

I’ve only got a cranky, old, freebie, promotional copy of Dreamweaver 1, which is very buggy & difficult to use, so the work was slow.

Here are two images from the pages:

‘Tourette #2’ (view over the Dropt Valley)
56 x 76 cm Full sheet Arches
© The Artist.

‘Albas # 1 ‘ (view over the Lot Valley),
Quarter sheet Arches Rough 300 gms.
28 x38 cm

It’s kind of a relief, as this act of organising feels like the end of a long cycle of work. Most of them are already sold & gone. Sometimes difficult to get a clear & objective overview.And I tend to work in a what feels like a very stop start kind of way, due to all the other demands on my time : Dad to two young kids, restoring a house (roof to come off soon), running painting holidays, teaching locally & oil painting as well, not to mention my ‘how to paint’ book which is ambling along in a simular stop start way, with the usual fits of self-doubt.Keeping focus all the time isn’t always possible I find. Or one could say, being more generous, that Life bumbles along, so enjoy the ride & the fellow passengers that one finds oneself sharing the wagon with… things always take longer that I imagine. I also imagine some fabulous watercolours that have yet to be made apparent. Some day soon, I hope.
Beautiful watercolour.
Good to be busy with what one loves.
Stay wet.
Running two painting workshops here in South West France in 9 days time.

Here’s the details of the Fourth Festival d’Art en Périgord Pourpre. The opening night is at the mairie de Thenac on the 31 May at 19,30hrs.

Expositions du 31 mai au 8 juin 2008
dans les villes d’ Eymet, Cunèges, Puyguilhem (Thénac), Saussignac et Sigoulès

I believe I’m in Eymet at Le Centre Culturel with the other ‘Artistes Invitées’. Just follow the banners. I’ll be exhiting my owls which I posted in Quatre Carte-Postales de Mon Co-Locataire, L’Hibou Some good contemporary art in these shows. Don’t miss them.


Click on image for bigger picture


This year the central artist is the sculptor Henri MORI. Anyone who has been to Sarlat will have seen his geese besides the covered market place (geese being the source of the livers used in the making of fois-gras, one of the principle export items of the Dordogne). The Museum of Sarlat is loaning out 51 sculptures for this show, made in the local stone of Les Eyzies (see my ‘rocks’ category, where I’ve had a stab at painting some of the cliffs of Les Eyzies).



‘La Nature peut vivre sans L’Homme mais l’Homme ne peut vivre sans la Nature’ – bon mot Francais (Nature can live without Man but Man can not live without Nature)

This is a subject close to my heart as a landscape painter with some thirty or so years experience. It is also the key theme to this annual event.

“To write a love song, you have to be love” Henry Hensche (Cape Cod School of Art).

The experience of being in a landscape & painting what you love, what you care about is central to my practice. It tends to follow on naturally , in my experience, that (some) artists become engaged for the well-being of their subject matter. I think of Leonardo da Vinci, who bought pigeons in the market place & then set them free, with his hands, right in the middle of the market place, much to amazement of the onlookers. Why did he do this?

I’ve written fairly extensively elsewhere abour ‘artists & ecology’ & so what I’ll do over the period of this festival is post these writings & images here. à suivre ….

Read more artists & ecology in this blog:

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France plans loans for art buyers

France plans loans for art buyers

I quote from the BBC news article at the above link….


The government says interest-free loans will be offered to “modest” buyers to purchase works and it is expanding incentives for companies to buy.

A survey out this week showed that, for the first time, France had dropped from 3rd to 4th place behind China in sales of art works.

“There is a real need to act,” explained French Culture Minister Christine Albanel.

Under the scheme, members of the public will be granted interest-free loans worth up to 10,000 euros ($15,000, £8,000).

Mrs Albanel said the idea was “to bring private individuals closer to this act of buying a work of art” adding that the loan “was the price, for example, of a flat-screen television”.

She said the idea was also to help young artists.