Still Lives & Flower Paintings – New Web Page

‘Tailles 16 à 21’ – detail
Oil on Panel
entire painting – 20 x 50cm (8 x 20 inches).
© adam cope

New web page of Selected Still-lives & Flower Paintings

21 images dating from 1998 (when I was doing a lot of still-lives) to 2008. I intend to have another ‘campaign’ of still-lives this winter. I’ve been prioritising my landscaping during these last ten years.

‘Fruit Machine’

Oil on Panel
30 x 40 cm

5 Comments on “Still Lives & Flower Paintings – New Web Page

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    The brushwork is great to look at in the ‘Tailles work – I was surprised to see the size, as I thought it would be a small work!

    Enjoying all of your recent art!

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    Glad you like them.

    The ‘Tailles’ is a detail (one pair of shoes from three pairs of shoes). The dimensions refer to the entire painting, so I guess the dimensions of the detail must be about 18 x 18 cm – 7 x 7 inches – which is not far from the standard 6 x 6 inches format currently in vogue for alot of ‘painting a day’ blogspotters.

    Google’s blogger technology is now shaping what format some painters choose.

  3.  by  Adam Cope

    Whoops OK Casey I did a typo. I’ve corrected the size of the entire painting. It’s 8 X 20 inches & not 15 x 11″ as the typo went.

    In any case the size of the detailremains somehwere around 6 x6″ so my point about this being a good size for close-up details in Blogger remains.

    I’m going to prepare a new batch of panels in the ‘Italian’ squares 9 X 10″. I don’t want to go postacrd minature as this format is way too small for me.

  4.  by  Casey Klahn

    Thanks for the answers.

    I didn’t know that Blogger was driving square formats, but that is interesting.

  5.  by  Casey Klahn

    Sometimes I switch off my comments by mistake on blogger! The children have been great stuff – maybe because mine are this age, and also for sure the effect you give to it all.

    These will be in your biography, I am sure!

    This comment intended for “Bedtime Story 3”.