Bedtime Story 3


Bedtime Story 3

Graphite pencil
Double-Spread A5 sketchbook
© The Artist.
i loved drawing this … beyond & above all concerns
here’s the meta description :  graphite pencil drawing of a family by adam cope,  simple loose sketch, expressive & loving
not complicated

4 Comments on “Bedtime Story 3

  1.  by  Adam Cope

    Casey Klahn a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message blog “Still Lives & Flower Paintings – New Web Page” :

    Sometimes I switch off my comments by mistake on blogger! The children have been great stuff – maybe because mine are this age, and also for sure the effect you give to it all.

    These will be in your biography, I am sure!

    This comment intended for “Bedtime Story 3”.

  2.  by  Adam Cope

    oh OK Casey
    so I switched the comments off LOL not silenecing you or anythi,g as it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Motivating too.

    I was wondering what age your children were 🙂

    For sure, a non-parent won’t see images of children in the same way as a parent does.

    wishing your family & you the best.


    ps. Actually I hope they’ll be treasured by my children themselves.

  3.  by  Gillian

    Hi Adam – I love these sketches of your family. Such warmth and love.
    Beautiful! Hope you all have a very happy Christmas.