Two Parcels of Vines, Three Cherry Trees

‘Two Parcels of Vines, Three Cherry Trees’

oil on panel
30 x 40cm (approx 16 x 12 inches).
© adam cope


painting of cahors A.O.C.

‘Vines – Terre Rouge’
30 x 40 cm
oil on panel
© The Artist.
150 €

painting of cahors A.O.C.

Vines in winter/early spring in Quercy. The appelation is Cahors A.O.C., which is sometimes known as ‘the blood of France’. This appelation has two distinct geographical types, that tend to give two slightly differnet wine types. That of the ‘cotes’ (slopes) & that of ‘la vallee’. This high point overlooks the valley, with its bluey haze of evening valley mist/descending frost.

Cahors A.O.C. also has two different soil types, which I have talked about before. That of white stoney chalk & that of iron red haemitite rich reddy orange clayey clod.

I thought this painting of the red ground would look good alongside this one, of the white ground

‘Vignoble dans le Quercy Blanc’
30 x 40 cm.
Oil on Panel.
© The Artist.
150 euros
A passer-by on internet might well assume the white in this painting to be snow. But is not. It is something far more surprising…in fact, it’s white chalk, which gives the name to the region in the Lot called ‘Quercy Blanc’. A field of vines growing out of pure white stoney chalk. These things surprise me..

Three Cherry Trees & Autumn Vines

three cheries trees - red oil painting  france fauve colours

‘Three Cherry Trees & Autumn Vines’
oil on panel
30 x 40 cm
© The Artist.
alla prima = done in one session , with very little or no retouching back in the studio
I left this painting behind last autumn, whilst on a painting tour in Quercy, & recently sold it… this painting seems to wishes to avoid all my best efforts to make it fit in with my system of documentation etc!

Oil paint on oil-based primer on MDF panel

Report that the colours have settled well. Oil paint on oil-based primer on MDF panel ages well.The colours are bright & there is little sign of sinking in or drying out.
MDF = medium density fibre board, thefrench have stopped calling it ‘issorelle’

WIP : Winter Sunset

BTW, WIP = Work in Progress

‘Winter Sunset’ finished state
30 x 40 cm
oil on panel
© The Artist.
150 € -possibily of taking in sterling or US dollars via Paypal

unfinished state
Painting in sub-zero temperatures a month ago…finished off in studio, the gradients of light were wrong, there wasn’t such an abrupt change from yellow to pink but rather slipped through orange to pink. difficult to follow these rapid changes whilst froz & anyway the trees where so stark & black against the light, they needed do ‘afterwards’, after the sky, sequently more like a watercolour than an oil.

‘Monflanquin – Hiver’
30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 inches)
Oil on Panel
© The Artist.
150 € – possibily of taking in sterling GBP & US dollars via Paypal.
Wet misty January sunset.

les villages perchées du Lot & Garonne

Monflanquin est une village perchée du Lot & Garonne = Monflanquin is a villege ‘perched’ on top of a hill in the Lot & Garonne department (county). It used to have alot more defensive towers & walls but Richelieu knocked them down in his campaign to subjugate the south west of France.
Here’s another oil of Monflanquin.

‘Monflanquin sous la Pluie’
12 Figure (61 x 50 cm)
Oil on Canvas
And here is an 30 x 40 cm alla prima blog etude from last Feburary, of the next fortified hill top town Tournon d’Agenais.

‘Tournon d’Agenais’
huile sur carton-toilé
30 X 40 cm
© The Artist.


Tuque Lagarde – Vignes

‘Tuque Lagarde – Vignes’
oil on panel
20 x 50 cm
150 euros
painted this little hill in the Cahors many times, lost count, and so have stopped numbering them (though I would like to – about thirty times I reckon). here’s one from last summer – a sunset. like the blue twinkle in it.

‘Tuque Lagarde – sunset’
Oil on Panel
38 x 19 cm


Pechiers des Vignes

‘Pechiers des Vignes’
Oil on panel.
30 x 40 cm
© The Artist.

‘Pechiers des Vignes’ – peach trees planted amongst the vines, except here there are three beautiful specimens planted near the church. Surprising combination against the blue shutters.

this is the second post of ‘fauvist barns’

‘Sechoir à Tabac’
30 x 40 cm.
Oil on Panel
© The Artist

 anti-fauve barns

Just updating the post  ‘Sechoir à Tabac’ (it’s about the above painting) in which I chatted about ‘anti-fauve’ barns ….trying to keep a barn door rusty brownish red, rather than letting it slip into heighten, saturated colour RED.

With a painter’s confession – there’s always apart of me that wishes to paint all bright & fauve. Or least prioritize colour in a composition.

POST-SCRIPTUM 2009 : well, hell…. why not? want red?   …….   I’ll give myself red. Call it ‘artistic license’, though I feel Kandinsky was nearer the truth when he called it ‘inner necessity’ … these battles for creative freedom seem easy when looking from the outside, but brush in hand  & face to face with one’s own ‘inner critic’ …. not to mention the hoards of outer critics who churp distainfully about ‘but it doesn’t look anything like that’)… red, my friend, my desire, I see you & I feel you. And my palette needs you. A cure for green sickness. No red without green?

Here’s one of my painting that’s red, primary red & with no subtle deviations…

‘Three Cherry Trees’
30 x 40 cm
oil on board
© the artist

Wassily Kandinsky… FLOURESCENT RED BARNS… (yes… and why not?)

I knew I’d seen a ‘fauve barn’ somewhere or other, once upon a time, and whilst idling away a lunchtime in a bookshop in Bergerac, I chanced upon the elusive fauve barn again … Wassily Kandinsky 1908….(OK OK so it’s a house and not a barn … but it IS a very red house)

What a heady & wild painting, even a hundred years later!

It’s only a few years till those abstracts of flying circles, wiggly black lines & crazy mathematical grids tha would fly out of Kandinsky’s painting & carry on vibrating long after the mundane is done with. Mickey Mouse in his Fantasia. Who could forget that?

The gaucherie that frequently accompanies break-through paintings. Whilst I remain essentially a plein-air painter, these epoch-making, mold-breaking pieces still attract me. There’s a heat, passion & a vision beyond the copyist of nature. Call it art, if you like.

Wassily Kandinsky.
Murnau Street with Women, 1908
Private Collection.Courtesy of the New Gallery, New York

Fauvisme – c’est le rouge, n’est pas? D’abord , c’est le rouge…

Maurice Vlaminck

‘Restaurant at Merly-le-Roi’
price : very probably more than you can afford.
It must have blown Vlaminck’s mind when he painted this wonderful painting. Jamais vu…never before seen, a red like you only see in your dreams or on yur palette or in true art….

‘Sechoir à Tabac 2’ (Tobacco Drying Barn)
Oil on MDF panel
30 x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches).
© The Artist.

Probably needs a dash more red, no? Not even a little red dot on corner of this one 😉

Fauvist Barns 1 : Muted Red & not Heightened RED
YOU ARE HERE : Fauvist Barns 2 : Fauvist Barns, Heightened Colour…Vlaminck & Kandinsky
Fauvist Barns 3 : Red in Landscape Painting

Vignoble & Orge, St. Dizier

30 x 40 cm. Oil on Panel.© The Artist.
Post-scriptum 2009 : passed by this place yesterday & was saddened to see that many of the hedges & trees are no longer there. Grubbed out. Gone.
they’ve gone mad
the tractors & the chain saws aren’t enough
the trees have gone
now it’s the turn of the hills
the great mechanical diggers are attacking the very slopes
levelling all lines
flattening everything
no long now till they kill the very soil
this generation of farmers & ECC grant givers & ‘agricultural technicians’
don’t know what they’re doing
their paysan grandfathers
who tended the earth
with less greed
less ignorance
less government grants
less despair
now all gone

Vers Issigeac

30 x 40 cm. Oil on Panel.© The Artist.SOLD

For the first time this year, painting to the accompanying sound of an orchestra of cicardas. Alll the pleasant memories of summer resurfacing. High temperatures over fields of tall grass, their mauvey-pink heads of seeds swaying in the gentle eveing breeze. Bands yellowing wheat & white barley shimmering in the milky sunlight. The land giving off much humidity. Not dark till 9,30. Summer is fast approaching. In the night time much thunder. I wonder if the circardas were listening to the storm?