painting of cahors A.O.C.

‘Vines – Terre Rouge’
30 x 40 cm
oil on panel
© The Artist.
150 €

painting of cahors A.O.C.

Vines in winter/early spring in Quercy. The appelation is Cahors A.O.C., which is sometimes known as ‘the blood of France’. This appelation has two distinct geographical types, that tend to give two slightly differnet wine types. That of the ‘cotes’ (slopes) & that of ‘la vallee’. This high point overlooks the valley, with its bluey haze of evening valley mist/descending frost.

Cahors A.O.C. also has two different soil types, which I have talked about before. That of white stoney chalk & that of iron red haemitite rich reddy orange clayey clod.

I thought this painting of the red ground would look good alongside this one, of the white ground

‘Vignoble dans le Quercy Blanc’
30 x 40 cm.
Oil on Panel.
© The Artist.
150 euros
A passer-by on internet might well assume the white in this painting to be snow. But is not. It is something far more surprising…in fact, it’s white chalk, which gives the name to the region in the Lot called ‘Quercy Blanc’. A field of vines growing out of pure white stoney chalk. These things surprise me..