30 x 40 cm. Oil on Panel. ©. Sold. High grass, bluey tints, another ‘vieux tetard’ (coppiced willow) here in St.Dizier. the right size for plein-air painting Nice to be swinging the brush around again in a more natural way (natural to me, that it is), after having made the mistake of trying to fit…

L’Orée du Bois

30 x 40 cm. Oil on panel. Back in the green Dordogne. Hot day. Much photosynthesis. High grass, the farmers all busy with the cutting of hay.

Vieux Têtards

30 x 40 cm . Oil on panel. vieux têtards (fr) = old coppiced willows (en) Same coppiced willows but from the otherside this time. Contre-jour late afternoon, the spring sun light shining on the leaves. Sivery undersides. You can just about make out Henri’s ‘ haras’ or horse riding track in the foreground. He…

Berges du Dropt #2

Berges du Dropt #2 Oil on Panel. 30 x 40 cm. copyright – the artist. sold one of own personal favourites, this painting I like … semi abstract? a conception a little bit different from your average landscape daub… still shinning with light. a certainity of touch. nice colours too

Berges du Dropt

. Berges du Dropt 48 x 36 cm. Oil on Canvas. A slower painting, that was in the studio for about two years before finding resolution. Pesky burnt umber & raw umber .. i find these colours difficult