30 x 40 cm.
Oil on Panel.

High grass, bluey tints, another ‘vieux tetard’ (coppiced willow) here in St.Dizier.

the right size for plein-air painting

Nice to be swinging the brush around again in a more natural way (natural to me, that it is), after having made the mistake of trying to fit too much into too small a space. I am not a minaturist. Funny to think that last autumn I was trying to paint 61 x 85 cm oil ‘en plein air’. 30 x 40 cm is a good size for plein air, if you approach with care & set of small brushes.

After ‘Chateau de Biron’ (which I consider to be a stinking failure), I’m starting to suspect that getting it all to fit in a small-size painting isn’t the same as getting the scale to work picturally. Something to work on here, Adam.

2 Comments on “Saule

  1.  by  Casey Klahn

    Thanks for the kind words at my blog, Adam. I reply here, since the post at my blog is dated.
    I have put my project on hold, since my laptop computer is now taken over by my wife in her temporary office, due to her new job. Something had to give and it was my “second blog”, which was the daily painting project.
    Not to be a quitter, though, I am replacing it with a drawing project soon.
    Your site is nice, too. Many have compared the climate here to the south of France – usually wine growers!

  2.  by  Mary Sheehan Winn

    Adam, I just posted about doing mini’s using Trevor Chamberlain as an example of a guy who can put a huge picture on a small board.
    I paint from mini to 18×24 but mostly between tiny and 9×12.
    Check me out. Loved your work.