Oak Branches (finished state)

30 x 40 cm. Oil on panel.

small-sized ‘alla prima’ paintings

Finished after a session in the studio. Making paintings ‘en plein air’ is a complicated process & it differs from painting to painting. No two happen in the same way. Each have their own specific way of unfolding. Some seem to just pop out, others are more problematic (…but often these bring more learning & sometimes more satisfaction, maybe even more ‘depth’ & less risk of slick facility). Some like this one need retouching in the studio. One of the things I hope to work on in this, my new project of painting regular small-sized paintings ‘alla prima'( or at least alot quicker than before), is to avoid over-working, or effectively painting two paintings…one on top of another.

Well, ‘aux pinceaux’ Adam (grab your brushes!). Off on a ‘paint-away’trip tomorrow for a few days.