Viola Les Enfants :-)

A5 sketchbook
everybody had to be drawn! every child wanted a drawing of herself…it was fun, i enjoyed it.. happy

Marine & her Mother Drawing

graphite drawing of a mother & child drawing a picture

‘Marine & sa Mere – le Dessein’
A5 sketchbook – graphite
© adam cope

i like something about this one… something about the group shape beiing bound together to make one shape, not two…cute kid, Marine, no? yes!

Drawings of Painters Painting

Sunny weather brings the painters out ‘en plein air’….

Here’s some sketches from a recent day of teaching. I greatly enjoy these painting days with such good company, a honour to teach & to watch other painter’s creativity & learning open like the new spring leaves to the sun light.

Graphite, A5 Sketchbook

‘Busker – sculptor on the streets’
A5 sketchbook 


This sculptor carving on the streets on market day (else he’d get moved on by the gendarmes) at Castillonnés. 

Drawing ‘sur la vif’ moving targets. I’ve observed one tendancy , that which I call my ‘Hieratic Style’, as if an Egpytian or Modernist freeze ‘à la Zadkine’. It’s stylised & anti-illusionistic.

Static, it’s the oppostite of the gestural or the dynamic…

Just an observation, these drawings happen so quickly, less than a few minutes, so not much time to think, just draw.


“It was primarily written in ink with a reed brush on papyrus, allowing scribes to write quickly without resorting to the time-consuming hieroglyphs” –





Also, hi·er·at·i·cal. of or pertaining to priests or the priesthood; sacerdotal; priestly.

noting or pertaining to a form of ancient Egyptian writing consisting of abridged forms of hieroglyphics, used by the priests in their records.

noting or pertaining to certain styles in art in which the representations or methods are fixed by or as if by religious tradition.

highly restrained or severe in emotional import: Some of the more hieratic sculptures leave the viewer curiously unmoved.” 





BTW, Zadkine ‘retired’ from Paris to the deepest countryside of SW France in the Lot at a little village called Les Arques. Not far from me. Great place to visit.




Sept calligrammes d’Apollinaire
Portfolio original, “Sept Calligrammes d’Apollinaire”, contenant 10 gravures originales, chacune signée au crayon par l’artiste. Ed. Czwiklitzer.



Drawing of Mother & Child

‘Mother & Child’
40 x 40 cm
© The Artist
I recently made the acquitance of the baby of some friends, a charming little soul of five months. Took me back to when my own children were babies, some five & three years ago. Time flies!

‘Tailles 16 – 21’
Oil on Panel
©adam cope