Drawing of a Bull’s Head in Profile

‘On the Hoof 2’
conté pastel on paper
about the size of my hand
© The Artist.

Drawing of a Bull’s Head in Profile

The name of this bull was ‘Pom Pom’
I’ve not drawn cows before. I found it strange how my hand didn’t know where to start & how to go about it. When I draw a tree or a face, my hand knows. Maybe it’s familarity? Repetition can blind. I sometimes dream about drawing trees, see them unfolding on the page in my sleep.I enjoyed this unfamilarity. This strangeness. This slight panic. I guess the beginning level students that I teach feel this way too. About everything…. Even the conté pastel in their hand. Even the paper’s pores & fibres.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to cows. I live right besides two herds!


Tips for developing one’s Drawing Style

If I were always just to repeat & not try new subject matter, new materials, new approaches & even new ideas… what type of artist would I be? A one trick horse… Anyway, I am drawn to diversity & experimentation. The question now is , what remains constant?

I live drawing, put simply. Try to draw soemthing new & out of one’s orbit every now & then. I enjoy being thus stretched.