Initial Report by Scientific Comittee of Lascaux to Symposium

Marc Gauthier, President of La Comiteé Scientifique du Site de Lascaux reportedthat the black stains were still present on the rock walls, but reckoned that the situation was not ” sufficently worrying for a new chemical treatment” (my translation) following on from that of jan. 2008.According to Mr.Gauthier, the black stains were presnt on fourteen of the 1.963engravings & paintings in the cave.


“Pendant deux jours, scientifiques français et étrangers doivent se pencher sur le problème de la conservation du site, qui se trouve actuellement “dans une phase d’observation” selon la ministre de la Culture Christine Albanel.”

“During the two days, french & foreign scientists will concentrate on the problem of the preservation of the site , which is actually ” in an observed phase” according to the Minster of Culture, Christine Albanel (my translation).

«Aujourd’hui, la grotte est une grande malade dans un état de relative stabilité, affirme Marc Gauthier, président du Comité scientifique.On voudrait que le malade se reconstruise et se rééquilibre de lui-même.»

“Today the cave is sick but in a state of relative stability” afirms Marc Gauthier, President of the Scientifiic Committee ” One would like that the sick patient to rebuild himself & re-stabilise himself.” – my translation


Adam says: I didn’t know it was andre MALRAUX who took the decison to shut the cave to public visits in the 1960’s. A good & brave decision, taken by a caring custodian. Malraux also did a great amount to help preserve the medieval town of Sarlat; there’s a square in the town named after him…. Beautiful Sarlat; beautiful France; incredible Lascaux.


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