A Path through the Woods – Plantagenets in southwest France

‘Les Genets Fleuris’ 2008 Oil on Canvas 12 Figure ( 61 x50 cm – 24″ x 19,7″) © The Artist. A VENDRE – contactez moi pour le prix Les Genets Fleuris = Broom in Flower. Plantagenets in southwest France Maybe you know the the story of the name of the Plantagenet (Plantagenêt) dynasty? They were…

Over the Hills

‘Over the Hills’ Oil on Panel 41 x 33 cm copyright – the Artist sold over the hills…… and far away. alla prima , a cool paintingafter the hear, passion & gutsy fight of the yesterday’s paint

Blé en Dordogne

‘Blé & Chemin, Boisse’ 33 x 41 cm. Oil on Panel.© The Artist. sold path through the corn in the sunny dordogne didn’t walk along the tractor tracks, no wish to damage the farmer’s crop enchantment an invitation

Artists & Ecology #3 : Constable, Corn & the Destruction of Hedgerows

72 x 34 cm. Oil on Panel.© The Artist. sold   Constable’s ‘Cornfield’ While now a fresher gale, sweeping with shadowy gust the fields of corn – Text used by John Constable in exhibition catalogue, for his ‘The Cornfield’ in The National Gallery, London     John Constable, “The Cornfield”, painted 1826. Size: 56 by…

Elvis & Gang

‘Elvis & Gang’ 36 x 48 cm (8F). Oil on Canvas. © The Artist. NFS Say you’re a codfish! – Peter Pan    

Mr Jingling & Friends

‘Mr Jingling & Friends’ 33 x 41 cm. Oil on Panel .© The Artist. Click on image to enlarge (& see without the blur). What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. –Pericles   Doubt if it was actually Pericles but i…